Nerve Damage After Ruptured Aneurysm

It has been nearly one year since my mother suffered from a ruptured brain aneurysm. She is recovering tremendously. She still suffers from short term memory loss but even that is getting better. She is able to walk and move all of her extremities, but she is obviously weaker in her left arm and leg. She skip/limps, kind of dragging her left foot behind when she walks, unless she pays attention and lays her foot down on the ground like normal. I asked her why she walks that way and she said her leg hurts. She also said it feels asleep and tingly but hurts to touch or move sometimes. She can feel when its touched and she can move it if asked too. I'm guessing nerve damage, but I am no expert and I was wondering if any one could elaborate on this and perhaps give me some pointers on how to make her more comfortable or get those nerves healthy again (supplements, exercises, etc.). I'm willing to do anything to help her walk comfortably and safely. Please help. Thanks!