Need to "vent"/update


Friday the 13th is turning out to be a "lucky" day for me!!

No follow up needed for 5 years!!! I am sitting here writing this thinking of questions I should have asked- I was just relieved and that is all could think of...


Success!!! Only 2 tries to get the catheter in!!! My Dr should have the results next week---I don't know if I'll have a chance to post prior to Christmas---as usual, I have alot of last minute shopping to do-and shipping! And we are going up to NV for Christmas ...wishing everyone a joyful Christmas!!!


Update- I went in for the CT scan Friday- after 4 attempt by 2 different people and 1 1/2 hour....they could not get the catheter in!! Really! I had to re-schedule for this Friday- hopefully it will be no problem so I can get this test done! They said my veins were just avout the same size as the cath they had to put in- whatever...

I'll keep you posted-

...I am using this as a forum to "vent" and "talk to myself"- any thoughts are welcome!

My neurologist call me last Friday and said that they wanted to do an angiogram- I didn't hear (or register) much of what he said after that....after hanging up and continuing with laundry, my husband came over-gave me a hug and asked what the call was about- I immediately started sobbing- not crying- sobbing! I really freaked out--All these thoughts are running through my head (Oh no, what if I am the .5 % where something goes wrong? I have worked SO hard to come to where I am now- I thought I was "done" with this brain aneurysm stuff since they clipped the one that ruptured and all I had left to deal with was the physical limitations I am left with- seems childish, but that is my hope...) - this is a new neurologist in Sac and his support group (radiologists etc...) I like him and am trying to establish my "medical team" here in Sacramento... So it also ran through my head that perhaps it was unnecessary at this point in time... ( you know how you hear of new docs wanting to do their "own" tests...)

Coming from Reno where there is basically 2 hospitals and all of the doctors are associated with both and everyone know eneryone- well, it has been a challange to even find a Dr who is taking new patients! Anyway, I think part of my "freak out" was/is- why can't you compare the film from last year to determine what you need? The issue is- there is some disagreement as to whether it is another anuerysm or a mal-formation called an infundibul....

Anyway, I sent the Dr an e-mail over the weekend expressing my concerns- as a result, I met with the Dr who was going to do the angio (small world- she treated me when I was in a coma at UCSF! I felt better knowing that!) The compromise is that I am going to have a non-invasive "angio CT" done tommorrow and if they still cannot get the "read" they are looking for, I will have the angio done- seems like a "win-win" for me! I immediately felt like a huge weight had been lifted! The Dr. said that if I felt that strongly against a procedure (and, obviously there is no urgency) that "we" might not have to do it! I also had to re-iterate that, although I had 5 angiograms while at UCSF, I have NO memeory of the several months I was there- and it scares me...

Thanks for letting me "get my steam out"- it does seem to help!

I finally feel like feeling like "Dana"- I think that is part of the reason it upset me so...

I meant to say--first seveal months I was at UCSF

Hi Dana ... vent away...that is what we and this forum are all about ... I am glad you stuck to how you believe and they are doing a non~invasive angio CT... I know none of us what to fight with a Doctor...but sometimes we know our own bodies...and I am proud of you...because I know it isn't easy...after this entire annie thing...we tend to 2nd quess ourselves...Please know I am keeping you in my prayers tommorrow...that this test will do it...please keep us posted on the results...Gotcha in my Thoughts and prayers...Colleen

ps it is always good to see you on the site...

Colleen- Thanks for the kind words- D

Thanks, Jim...I would noramally go "Cadillac" with most things I do ! I don't know why it scared me so much...hoping NO angio required...D

blow all the steam you need, AND FEEL BETTER.

My husband had his one year checkup yesterday and his neuro said that, too...that the standard procedure was an angio. My husband said no because last year when he had one done (which is when they found the coiling a year before didn't hold, so he needed to be clipped), his leg started bleeding internally 20 minutes after we got home, so I had to call an ambulance to take him back to the hospital where he spent the entire weekend. He had to lay flat the whole time and finally, on Monday morning, they injected some "glue" into his leg to stop the bleeding. Now why didn't they do that on Saturday?? Needless to say, my husband never wants an angio again unless absolutely necessary. He and his neuro agreed to an MRI a year from now. The neuro really wants to look at more closely as he couldn't remove the coils when he did the clipping, so wants to check on them. He said if everything looks good on the MRI next year, my husband will be done and we can put this whole episode behind us.

Glad to hear your doctors listen to you as well.