Need to talk to a survivor--Washington, DC Area


Hi everyone!

I am currently in a journalism class and need to do a profile on a person. For my article, I would really love to interview a brain aneurysm survivor. This cause is super close to my heart--my dad passed away at the age of 46 when I was 10 from an aneurysm. If you live near the DC area, please respond to this post and let me know if you'd be willing to speak to me. I would REALLY appreciate it!




Although I am not the survivor, I do have intimate knowledge about this because I was fortunate to be with my wife pre and post aneurysm over the last 18 years. If this meets your project definition feel free to contact me.



I live in NJ and would be willing to do a phone interview. I am a survivor of a daughter anyuerysum (2 anyerysums 1 on top of the other. I also had compartment syndrome.