Neck pain

Hi everyone.
I haven’t been on in awhile, but I am due for my yearly CTA next week. I have a unruptured Annie in the right anterior communicating artery and I have been complaining of pain on my left side of my neck. My question is could this be due to the Annie? I work for a Dr. and I asked him if I should call and see if this should be included in the test. His response was, well you won’ t have surgery on it so why bother just have your sister work on it. ( my sister is a PT) I guess why I am asking is that I am concerned but I don’ t want to go looking for things either. Any comments?

When mine ruptured in October, there was a shooting, stiffening pain in the back of my head. I thought I'd be forever stiffened. I worry when my neck feel stiff now, but I have to tell myself it's not like that one day in October.

Kris, I had my annie in 9/24/10 w/ a stent on 9/12/11, I also, have neck pain. I first noticed the pain when I started driving again. I noticed I couldn't move my neck as far as I used to look back. I asked my doctor & he had no answer. Which I don't think any doctor has a clue what we experience. Some days its not to bad, so I have learned to tolerate it. I have seen since my annie I have alot more health issues than before. In the last 16mos I have 3 angiograms & have another coming up in March,2012. You will be in my thoughts & prayers. Take care.


Hi Kris,

Please do mention your neck problem to the neurosurgeon when you go in for your CTA.

In addition, using my own expereinces as a guide, I recommend that you take your employer's advice and have your sister, the PT, work on your neck. PT may well relieve the pain you're experiencing as it has done for me. You shouldn't expect for the problem to be resolved in one session or for the sessions to be "easy on you". I've generally needed a series of treatments 2x week for 6 weeks, after which I feel like a teenager again. I also have gotten the best results when I do the home exercises the PT gave me "religously" during the period of therapy and afterwards.

In the last two days, I've made postings elsewhere on this site about pain in the neck, hands and limited range of motion that arise from computer use and improper work area setup. The pains from the wrong height of your desk, incorrect chair height, size, the wrong mouse. etc. are nothing to be sneezed at. Your sister will be able to give you more information and make some suggestions also. Please also consider asking your employer to hire a professional ergonomist to evaluate your "work station" and recommend a proper set up for your work area.

When I think about it (at least what I remember) is that, with just one exception, each time that I've actually contacted my neurosurgeon(s)/neurologist(s) because of pain - since my aneursym rupture more than the last 42 years ago - has been due to pain related to computer use! The one exception was because of headaches.

Good luck to you.


I know what you mean, every time my neck hurts, I think it is due to the Annie. There are weeks even months that I don’t think about it but the closer it gets to have testing done, the mind plays games. I really start to stress out. Thanks for the imput.

The only thing is I have not had anything done with mine. I am still on the watch and see mode, so I think I freak out because every little pain I think could this be it? Like I said to Mary Jo there are months where I don’t dwell on it but when I get closer I start to stress. So I guess I will find out soon enough if there was any changes. And thanks for the prayers, I will take every one that I can. Thanks, Kris

Hi Carole,
Wow! I just went and read your story before I responded. You have had 3 others that you have lived with for 35 years without any changes… That is amazing and that really gives me hope. The one that ruptured is basically where mine is. Did you have any symptoms before hand, I know you said you were misdiagnosed but did you have headaches or any family history. My sister, several aunts and a couple of cousins (all on my mom’ s side) had bleeds none survived. That’s why I had my scan, I wanted to know and have the choice of doing something (if needed) rather than not knowing and do nothing.

My other sister ( the PT) chooses not to know. I have some minor headaches but I can usually associate them with caffeine withdrawal or sinus problems. I guess I need to make an appointment with my sister. Thanks for all your thoughts.

Hi Kris...

I have had "neck pain" since my surgery and have been seeing P/T...I see my neurologist who says it has to do with my coiling, but my surgeons say, "no" is so confusing as to what symptoms are from annie's and what are not...I think the Doctor you work for is an ass...he could be a bit more understanding...this is not an easy journey ... or easy to make decisions...keep us posted...Gotcha in my Thoughts ... Colleen

Please discuss this with your doctor and do not allow anyone to touch your neck before speaking to your doctor. Mt neck hurt bad before surgery-but I have also slept on it wrong following this and it weirded me out:)

Hi Kris,

I had no symptoms before my rupture. One of my mother's aunts died from complications of a ruptured aneurysm in 1958. My first cousin had surgery on an unruptured aneurysm 3 years ago. She's had a wonderful recovery from the surgery. It was done so that she could have a kidney transplant. That also went well for her.

Until I started reading the posts on this site, I didn't think that the aneurysms that I have now were giving me any symptoms. I'm still not sure that they are. Many problems present with the same symptoms. Thankfully, I rarely have headaches. I know that I would probably be a basket case if I did. I've also learned from literature received from my PT, that some headaches are actually an extension of neck pain.

I've been having PT and massages for "my neck pain" for five or so years - again I'm a heavy computer user because of the work I do. It's been helpful for me but we are all different.

I don't want to start a fight with anyone but, based on my experience (I've begun to sound like an old lady), I don't think the doctor you work for is an ass. He's suggesting conservative treatment with a professional who happens to be your sister and who should also have your best interest at heart. It's important not to let just anybody work on your neck. I see people getting chair massages in malls with folks working on their necks. I look at them and say, "no way, Jose".

In 1977, when I learned that I had 3 more aneurysms and was trying to decide what to do, a top rate physician told me to forget about them for 5 years and check again. My immediate reaction was that he was a quack! Eventually, I followed his advice and then some. God's plan for me was that these aneurysms haven't ruptured in 35 years. But, I don't know what tomorrow will bring .......

Please check your computer set up. A change of 1/4" in the height of your monitor or chair, or a different mouse etc., can make all the difference in the world. And, it's also non invasive. It still won't answer the question of what to do about your aneurysms but you may get some pain relief in the meantime.

Take care.