does anyone suffer w/this? it's been almost 3 months since the coiling and i vomit every day. the only thing that helps a little is zofran and klonipin (?) which knocks me out. i can't function like this any longer. i've spoken to my neuro dog about it often to no avail. ginger only made me vomit more. are they any alternatives for nausea? it's seriously affecting the quality of my life and my ability to function as a mom. i've just quit eating since it all comes back up anyway.

thank you for your time,



So sorry you have such nausea / vomiting, and that ginger does not work for you. Are you taking any other meds that might be causing nausea? I have had allergic reactions to a number of prescriptive drugs and a few food allergies all my life.

There are numerous other prescriptiive drugs for nausea, and, then the OTC. If you try OTC, be sure to read the labeling on any other drugs you are taking. Search it on the 'net.

Have you had any other issues w/nausea, like weight gain or loss, allergic reactions to any other prescriptions, reactions to specific foods?

Is there a worsening of your nausea after you have eaten to be able to compare foods?

When I was discharged, the data notes allergic to iodine (contrast dye) and notes to use low-acid foods...I was given zofran while hospitalized. Were there any notes on your discharge paper?

If you do not eat at all, do you still have nausea w/o vomiting? If you are not eating, how are you getting the right vitamins and minerals in your system needed to help your recovery? What about fluids you are drinking? You do not want dehydration.

Kathy, as I type, I cannot remember if you had coiling before or after a rupture.

Prayers for your recovery; I hope you get more feedback.


thank you pat!!

the nausea is constant whether i eat or not, whether i take meds or not.

i'm on zofran for nausea but it doesn't help. sometimes i have to take a klonopin (?) w/it which just knocks me out so i can't be nauseous.

i was coiled before rupture but ruptured on the table. the surgeon fixed it quickly though.

if this nausea would just go away, i'd feel almost normal again.

So sorry you are going through this. The only nausea med that really, really worked on me during cancer treatment was reglan, which I was on for 4-5 years - that was caused by the cancer med I was on. Since then, I have been fine.

You probably need to see a gastro doctor to pinpoint why you are having nausea if your regular doctor cannot diagnose why you are having it. Are you on any new meds since the surgery? You really need to get this checked out - not eating and not being able to keep food down is not good at all.


You need to see a Gastrointestinal Doctor...vomiting and nausea is his field...not a neurologist...It is miserable to feel like this Kathy and you shouldn't have to suffer...a good stomach Doctor should be able to help you out...

Please keep us posted...Cyber~thoughts your way...Colleen


Silent migraines come to mind as one possibility for your daily nausea.

i deal with it. i take nortriptyline twice daily for it and i'm 2 years out. that's the only thing that works for me.

lol!!! i cannot believe i just replied to myself. weird.

Hi Kat,

wow, i haven't known of anyone whos had this sort of trouble after coiling...certainly not for months -- on a daily basis? Its not at all a typical outcome of coiling surgery....I'd think i'd be hammering the GP about this, could medication be a culprit? or something else unrelated to the coiling? hope you get some answers, peace, Janet

Kathy - I am so sorry that this is something else you have to deal with. I vomited daily, sometimes several times daily for almost a year post rupture - ended up hospitalized 8 times in 6 months due to dehydration. Had so many tests and x-rays and the docs could find nothing wrong. Final diagnosis was that my rupture had affected the "vomiting center" of my brain, which there was really nothing they could do...hopefully it would "reset" itself in time. My doctor reviewed all the meds I was on to see if any combo's would make what I had worse and made a few adjustments. Took Prevacid before every bland meal and Zofran worked for me too. Happily the vomiting tapered off and all is well now although I have heartburn almost constantly. I hope they can find something that works for you - I know how miserable it can be.

Prayers to you,


I had nausea for a month after surgery. Worst feeling ever. Dr’s just kept giving me gravol. Then I started reading about side effects of medicines I was taking. I found out they were causing it so I start cutting them off one was a sleep aid, I wud rather stay up all night but have nausea all day. Check each pill online n see if u can survive without them.

thanks for the advice and pep-talk. i still suffer w/nausea from time to time and when the barometric pressure rises, my head feels horrible. i know everyone has different circumstances and lingering symptoms. i'm very lucky my aneurysm didn't rupture but i suffered a stroke on the OR table during the coiling procedure so it's likely my issues post op differ from others. those who have mentioned gastro issues - yep. i have IBS, a hiatul (?) hernia and colitis. if i were a horse, they'd have already taken me out behind the barn and shot me. (that's kind of a LOL.)