Narrowing artery

Hi everyone, I haven’t posted for a long time, but I look in occasionally & read all the stories. Well I am in need of some answers if anyone can help.
I just had my 2 year check up and the scan looks like I have narrowing of the artery where my stents are placed, I am going next week for more extensive scans to try and determine if the stent is compromised, it could be blocked. I have been having some dizzy spells in the last few weeks, so feeling a bit uneasy.

Hi Lynn...good to see you, but not happy you are having issues. Rest and take care of You until you have some answers from your tests...keep us posted...and I will send a few prayers your way ~ Colleen

Thanks Colleen, really was a bit if a shock, never really considered this would happen as the aneurysm has gone. I went in there thinking ok I wont have to come back for five years.