My world is a bit odd

I think my world is a bit odd still -just can't find the words to explain what that means tho- i just know i feel different somehow. These are the words my wife put on facebook to her cousin. I know some of you must of experienced the same sort of feelings,it was nearly six month ago since her haemorrhage, which i know is no time at all when we are talking about the brain, but does it get better or is it just a question of coming to terms with it. She gets so frustrated with not being able to remember things, i just wish i could help more but i don't really know what else i can do. Any suggestions please.

Hi just be there and be ready to listen when she is ready to talk and to comfort her when she needs comforting. She will get better as time goes on.

Hi John,


Her world is a bit odd, she is different. Time & patience is what it takes!!

Coming to terms with it is a must!!! I don't know about her or anyone else but as for myself I will never be the same as I was before aneurysm. My memory is not what it was before, the good news is I was told that in time most of that comes back...Your there for her, your supporting her emotionally or you wouldn't be here asking for advise..Continue being her rock!! Give it time and most importantly (once again) PATIENCE!!!

She is luck to have you!!!

Thoughts and prayers


Hi Kimberley, Thanks for your kind words and advise and taking the time to reply, this what is so good about BAF. I only asked the question 6 hours ago and already people are trying to help

Best Wishes John & Sue.

HI Jessica, Thanks for replying, I'd like to think i'm a good listener but i'm not very good at the -well here's what i think you should do bit, i'm better at hands on stuff rather advise. I know it's just a matter of time.

Best Wishes John & Sue

Hi john...we are all so different after this husband just gave me lots of hugs...however, he too told me ... " you are different "...even he sees it...actually when he told me...made be feel a bit better, because I thought I was crazy...but he didn't mean different in a bad way...

Sometimes it is ok to let people feel what they must and work through it...Cyber~hugs your way....Colleen

John----I, too, know I am different- in what way exactly? Well that I can't tell you.....I really think my husband is the ONLY person (besides myself) that realizes this...But that makes sense cause we spend more time with, and know, each other better than ANYONE else- even those who think they know me really well! ...sometimes, I think my husband knows me better than I know myself!...I emphasize sometimes-haha

I think it has taken (still taking) me a long time - I don't think I really realized that my life was forever changed until I meet with my neurosurgeon for my 1 yr anniversary appointment! Quite frankly, I still cannot believe my life took this turn---and it is at times like that when I feel so lost...

My husband has proven to be my rock----he IS the one I turn to-more importantly- he is always standing there for me with his arms wide open---oh my gosh- I can't believe that I actually have tears in my eyes as I am trying to verbalize how much he means to me--gulp- especially in this crazy time- I KNOW that Steve always is there for me-----

This is what the best advice I can leave you with--just be there and let her know that YOU are there-Just continue to love and support her-

Hi John

Give Sue my love. Things will get better, as people say, it just takes time. Different is ok, it just takes a while

to appreciate it !

Janet xxx

Hi John,

It may be a real advantage that you are "not very good at the -well here's what i think you should do bit".

In my opinion, one of the most important things you can do for your wife is to show her, through the all things that you do and say, just how much you love her and please don't forget to tell her she's beautiful!

Help her to remember - don't they say that couples in love finish each other's sentences?

Listen to her! Encourage her! Touch her! Smile at her! Praise her! Comfort her! Assist her! Reassure her!

May God bless you both!


Wow- Dana is so right! Just love her, listen, cry with her, laugh with her and let her know you are there (no matter what). All the best!

John and Sue, welcome, and wishing you the best possible in recovery for both of you and your family(ie).

You may want to pull-up some data on memory lapses, short-term memory, learning memory. You may ask your neuros about her overall status. We all have like symptoms, and varying, based on the section(s) of our brain affected, the severity of the hemorrhages, and, then, the treatment quality and, the overall health of each of us. Was any rehab scheduled for her after her treatment? And, a neuropsychology test to determine status of various areas?

Best wishes and prayers for her continued recovery. She is blessed to have you with her.


Hi Dana,

Thanks for replying, and i take on board your advise and i am trying to be as supportive as i possibly can in the coming months and years ,but sometimes i wish there was some way i could shoulder part of her burden, impossible i know.It sounds like you got a good bloke in Steve and i hope you continue to make good wishes to you both .John

Hi Colleen,

Yeah i think your right alot of it is coming to terms with what you have been dealt,but it is really hard to watch someone you love struggle.Best Wishes John