My wifes amazing recovery

my wife bonny had a brain aneurysm on june 1st, as of this date july 27th 2011 she has progressed to the point of the rehab clinic talking about her release from rehab to come home sometime next week. she is walking with the help of a cane, and her left side has returned to about 60% so far, with improvement coming everyday. she has been an inspiration to us all. i would have never thought her recovery would be this rapid. i thank god and all who assissted her both medically and spiritually. thank you all for all your love and prayers.

Hi Bill...

Thank~you for sharing this story...we all need the inspiration...and you will have helped many with Bonny's story...

She is a "survivor" and so are "you"...those who care for us...truly deserve the title...

When she comes home...embrace every moment...! Prayers ... Colleen

thank you for your true understanding and encouragement, this is but the opening chapter of a love story

Hi Bill,
Sooooo good to hear of your amazing wifes speedy recovery, it is so very uplifting to read of such promising results, especially for those at the begining of the recovery journey. Encouraging words are so very welcome and needed by many, and I truly believe it is the love and patience of loved ones and carers that give the survivors the strength and determination to recover so well.
I too look forward to the next chapter
Best Wishes

Hi Bill, Your wife’s recovery is really amazing and first and foremost I congratulate you for being very supportive to your wife and that is one of the good reason why your wife recovery is really amazing. Your wife is very lucky to have you at her side and it really inspired us, I also want to share to you that my husband like you is very supportive to me and He is one of the reason why I want to have early surgery because I want to be with him for a long time and I want to live with him for the rest of my life. God bless you bill and your family!

the recovery journey at the beginning seems like an unattainable task for anyone to obtain, but like alot of people said,believe and don’t ever give up. at the onset this was all we had, and i believe that our faith and bonnys determination grew everyday. i cant wait to go and pick her up from the hospital on wed. morning,to bring her home is going to be a very joyous day our whole family. remember it gets better, love and understanding ease the pain and help the gain. god bless have o great day and please keep in touch.

i guess i see things from a different perspective,i feel like i’m the lucky one to have her. i almost lost her and it’s sad to say this but you don’t appreciate what you have until you almost lose it. bonny and i have been together for 38 years, some good and some not so good, but from now on i hope they will all be great. let your husband know just how you feel, and how much he means to you , and i’m sure he will tell you the same. there’s an old saying that love heals, i am a true believer of that now! good luck and may god bless you and your family, please keep in touch.