My spouse was diagnosed with 2 brain aneurysms in 2011

My spouse was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm on October 10,2011. She had shown signs of it rupturing and by further investigation it had not ruptured. She had the coil procedure done in November of 2011. She is still suffering from some of the symptoms that she had when it was diagnosed. She also has another one that they are monitoring. On top of the aneurysm, she also has Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and chronic migraines. The headaches have gotten worse since the coiling procedure. She has been experiencing problems with her vision. We are in the process of trying to find another neurologist and are having no luck. We take one day at a time and learn not to take it for granted.

Hi Carla, You are so right about taking one day at a time. Your partner has been through a lot and so have you. Many of us still get headaches, even after treatment. Maybe someone on this forum can recommend a neurologist in your area; if you are willing to share your general location on the forum? Take Care, Mary

for the vision problems see your eye doctor then see a nero opthomoligist , they will help the most with vision problems .

Mary, I don't mind putting our location out there. We live in Saint Joseph, Mo. My spouse has Missouri Medicaid ( Missouri Heathnet). We have called neurologist in the Kansas City area, unfortunately non of them are accepting new patients for the state insurance. It's very frustrating trying to find the help she needs with limited resources. She has told her neurologist what she is suffering from and her headaches still have not changed. He acts like he doesn't want to help her. She has tried different medicines for her migraines and those don't help at all. They also watch what they prescribe her because she also has Lupus and alot of medicinal allergies. Some days her and I just want to give up but then we realize that giving up would mean letting the aneurysms and Lupus win. She is a strong woman and she is my rock as I am hers.

Hi Carla,
I am so sorry to read of the challenges that you and your spouse are having trying to get treatment. I have recently started to see an D.O. for my “fibromyalgia” symptoms (I’ve had so many different names put on this over the years). This treatment has helped a lot and may be an option to get some relief for your partner while you wait for aneurysm treatment.

May God bless you with healing and the treatment that you need.


Hi Carla,
I feel for what the two of you are going through. Navigating the health care world can be daunting and even worse for someone with multiple health issues. And yes, don’t give up…you can find the help she needs.

After a spine fusion in 2006, I saw multiple neurologist. None of them thought to look further, even with the symptoms I was exhibiting. I was told by some that it was all in my head. It took a trip to another state, for me to get the help I needed and for a neurosurgeon to find my aneurysm on a scan. My aneurysm was found November 2008.

So it is a good thing you found us. Another member on this site was moving to a different state, so she started a thread asking if anybody could recommend a doctor in the state she was moving to. I recommend you do the same. Make sure the title of the message has your state and request for a neurologist recommendation. Hope this helps. Sending supportive and warm thoughts to you and your partner. Mary.

I'm sorry for your struggles. Often insurance and doctors both make things worse. My Dr. history has been up and own. Prior to my rupture I couldn't even get a my Dr. to look for a cause for my symptoms. Luckily I had an excellent neurosurgeon do the clipping. Still I would suggest some alternative body therapies. I don't know what is available in MO. And usually insurance doesn't cover them. Sometimes a D.O. can help and might be covered. Experience with cranial-sacral therapy would be the extra training to look for. I've also had good help from a Rolfer who also knows cranial sacral therapy. My guess is that help cerebral-spinal fluid circulate as it should. My friend with lupus has also had a lot of help from a chiropractor. Keeping her spine aligned properly helps her body take care of itself.

Hi Carla,I am keeping you in my prayers...