My rehabilitation

RESILIENCE is defined as "the ability to recover from illness or adversity". I have faced various degrees of adversity in my life. Therefore resilience is why after much prayer and healing thoughts, I decided to TAKE ACTION and SIGN UP for the Brain Aneurysm Foundation Support Community .

I am a Brain Aneurysm Survivor, Fundraiser and Advocate. I am learning on this website how to expand my NETWORKING by inviting friends and family to take action which is a convenient and effective platform to market The Brain Aneurysm Foundation Support Community Services and Mission.

Malcolm Edgerly Jr. is my brother & Evangelina Smith is my sister. Both crossed over to the other side due to brain aneurysm ruptures at an early age. I am currently recruiting volunteers for an Official Brain Aneurysm Foundation Fundraising Walking Event. The BAF Support Community embraces the challenge each day to increase PUBLIC AWARENESS and to support sustainable earlier detection of brain aneurysms.

I sincerely hope my REHABILITATION story inspires and help members of this Forum, my friends, family and community to develop Resilience to overcome illness or adversity. This is my Rehabilitation Story...

How long were you in the hospital after your brain aneurysm was clipped? And did you have out patient therapy after you left the hospital? Thank you and you have so inspired me to make a difference and to God Bless you.

I chose St. Francis Hospital but I was transferred to California Pacific Medical Center on 5-21-2004 secondary to neurosurgical management for a subarachnoid hemmorrhage. I underwent left frontal temporal craniotomy clipping, extraction of clot, and placement of an intraventricular drain. I remained in the hospital for one month. I attended six weeks of out patient speech therapy while taking Norvasc and Lisnopril for my hypertension. I attended for a semester at City College of SF a non-credit course called ‘Brain Injury’. I incorporated my daily Healthy Walking Exercise for those with High Blood Pressure and achieved maximum benefits and I have fun cool strutting on the Waterfront which has become part of my lifestyle.

i too, am a survivir of a 5mm rupture in the basilar tip artery. i has a successful coiling and since have been on my steadfast road to recovery and embracing this new life God has blessed me with…i love you optomistic outlook and am a firm believer that when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade…i live in texas, if there is any way i can help in bringing awareness and early detection to the forefront please feel free to let me know how…God bless and wishing you continued recovery and happy living