My procedure

Hi all

Thought I’d join this new group to let you all know my procedure is due on the 16th may 2012 iv been waiting since Xmas and I’m glad it’s getting nearer .

Thanks Jimmy

we're also glad so you can get on the road to recovery and get yourself back to a normal routine of work,play and of course relaxing/resting Our prayers go out to you & yoursmy brother.Think positive thruout this whole process and you will be a success story group candidate!!(I'm a member-i can get ya in!!)

I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Jimmy. You will be fine (although that waiting thing is HARD!!).


Hope you're procedure went well, and you're on the road to recovery. When you're feeling better, please drop a line and let us know how you're doing.

Best wishes,


Thinking of you Jimmy and praying you are doing well and recovering quickly!!!

Thanks Terry it’s nice to know your thinking about me the 29th of June will soon be here .

Thanks Jimmy

hi guys

well the time is nearly here its the eve of my procedure …another 12 hours and it will be time …ill be so glad its been a long wait see you all soon for a chat

thanks jimmy

Good luck and God Bless Jimmy...looking forward to talking to you in a few weeks!

God bless you Jimmy mc....I am praying for peace for you....and for the abilities of ALL who handle your procedure and a special blessing for a SPEEDY recovery!!!! Let us know when you can that you are "okay" and all is well....then REST!!!

new date is today-were here for you buddy-still praying