My prayer is simple

I don't pray for strength, I'm already strong.. I don't pray for wealth, I'm rich beyond belief.. I don't pray for happiness, I'm already happy.. I don't pray for forgiveness, I've already been forgiven..I don't pray for love, I'm so very loved.. I don't pray for it to be easy, because it already is..

My prayer is simple..

"I pray that all those I come into contact with will have all that I have and more.."

Love Liesa

thank you! Beautiful


Thank You!

Big Love! kk


You fill my heart!


Thank you for all you kind words when I'm feeling crappy.. :)

Karen, You always know just what to say to me to make me smile..


And you fill mine..


Wow, very thought provoking.....thanks for sharing and helping us all to realize things could always be worse....


I understand crappy!!!

Love this Princess...!

That is a very beautiful prayer!!

That was so sweet!!!

Your wonderful!!!


Mrs. Unique :-)

Hey, it is a beautiful thing that you wrote and thank you. I am feeling so depressed and blue that I cry all the time. But thanks you did cheer me up! Amy

I hope all the positive support from this site helps lift your spirits a little ;o)

That’s beautiful!