My post-op symptoms ARE common!

So great to read Margaret's post about her experience, and all the comments as well. Had a ruptured aneurysm 11-29-10, craniotomy from ear to ear with 60 staples. Most surreal and disturbing last couple of months in my life so far. Continuing to heal, with some really bad days thrown in between the good ones. Thanks everyone for bravely posting such difficult realities...they have helped me so much in understanding, coping, and surviving what I'm going through.



Hi Holly, I only had a coiling and stent, so I cant relate to your experience totally but the first 2 weeks for me were terrible the headaches and depression. Things are better the headaches at least. The depression and wanting to be left a alone are still pretty bad but could be worse. The light sensitivity is bad for me. I hope it gets better. I just want to feel mentally better and I’m sure that will get better once I get back to work since that’s basically my only socialization. Feel better! Margaret

I had my clip and clamp 10 years ago! I returned to work 3 months after and should have waited. Take plenty of time to heal, it will set you back if you rush. I am now doing everything I had done before, just did a 12 mile bike rally, been scuba diving, hunting and all the fun things I did before. There is a happy ending to it. Keep your chin up and believe in yourself and that you can heal and become the person you have always been, with extra knowledge and a new look on life! I believe in you!


No matter what Holly...Be sure to take care of YOU...especially on those bad days...~ wishing you a beautiful day ~ Colleen

Thanks Colleen. Good to hear from you. Always an inspiration when I return to this site for some extra guidance and encouragement. I wish you a beautiful day as well :) Holly