My neurosurgeon removed a cavernous angioma while it was being broadcast live on Twitter today!

Dr. Kim removed a patient's cavernous angioma while Dr. Shepherd answered questions & posted progress, pics & video on Twitter today.

I was able to read it while I was at work today. It was very cool!

Parts of it are archived here:


I second what Carole said..."Wow..."...~

Dr. Kim is who I went to after my primary care doctor found my AVM. While planning treatment for my AVM, one of my aneurysms was found. The second was found when Dr. Kim opened my head up to clip the first one (he clipped both of them). My AVM is in an area that is too risky for surgery, so we are shrinking it with Gamma Knife Radiation.

Dr. Kim is Rep. Gabby Gifford's surgeon in Houston.

A church member of mine was successfully operated on by Dr Kim for a ruptured annie about 2 years ago. He had a spectacular recovery! He recommended Dr Kim to me, for a second opinion, while I was awaiting the results of my angiogram. I will definitely see him after my CTA next year should there be any changes indicated in the size or “quality” of my Annie’s.