My mom 3 months pre op

Well yesterday we took mom for her appt. 3 months since her aneurysm surgery, non ruptured 15 mm. She has been mentally getting worse since Thanksgiving and we couldn't figure out what was happening. Physically she was doing amazing, but she would make things up and see people that were not alive and forget when people came over. So they found that she had a slight stroke about 6 weeks after her surgery. She also had some fluid that absorbed in her body that showed in the last CT scan, and now they found another area, but think it will absorb again. So now we can go forward and get the necessary help for her. It's a long road, but we have come so far......thanks for listening.

always here to listen and give mom a hug and let her know shes an inspiration.

Hi Joanne...I can only imagine how hard it is to see a loved one go through this is a long journey...

mom and you have my thoughts and prayers for continued healing...! Colleen

Hi Joanne,

It's good to know that your mom will get the help she needs. We are all here because we have shared experiences and can understand the challenges that your mom and your family are facing. Please send us updates when you can to share both your "victories" and to lean on us when it seems like it is "just too much" to bear.

I join the others in sending hugs and prayers your way.