My Mama's Story:cont

Thursday, December 15, 2011 6:38 PM, CST


written by Linda Koch
Prayers Being Answered
This was sent to me via my Dad to post:
Verna had a better night last night, less pain than she has been having. This morning she was more responsive and quite alert. They had her sitting in the recliner for 45 minutes. More good news was that Dr Herchil came in and she responded very well to his questions. Everything has been progressing as we have hoped and they will remove the drain tomorrow and will not have to put in permanent shunt. The CT this am was good[no change] and barring any unforseen changes will probably get out of ICU in a few days so they can get her moving again. We are so thankful for all of your concern and prayers. We are witnessing miracles happen daily.

You will never know how much your love & support has meant to the family and myself at this difficult time.
Hoping for continued progress and healing.

Paul Carnahan

best wishes


All of us understand... we really do ... lots of hugs and kisses to Verna...

And Prayers going out to her and all of You...Your Holiday season this year will mean more than ever...

Cyber~continued Healing thoughts your way...Colleen

great 2 hear...prayer is powerful sweety....God bless

many thanks laurie