My journey

Does anyone get weak at all times with headaches. My B/P has been under control but the constant headaches with the weakness is killing me. cant climb stairs without feeling tired

yes, tried telling dr. that sometimes my head aches so bad that my hair hurts!!!!! and sometimes cannot find the strength or energy to get out of bed. someone had told me to try drinking juices, like cranberry blends and v'8 types, they help some, so does hot baths with fresh mint and grapefruit or lemon rind.. sounds odd, but , i'll try anything once, just to find relief.

maybe these may help you.

I did get weak a lot and I still do not have my energy or strength back 6 months post op. I feel it coming back tho’. I still get headaches, too. But they are less frequent now even tho’ I have one everyday it doesn’t stay all day. Have you had any blood work to check for anemia, etc. I hope you get to feeling better.

Thanks. Kathy. I have not had procedure yet. My blood levels are all good. Thank God but I don’t know where the weakness is from

Thanks Mary Anne. I’m going to try that. What a complicated. Journey. I know with Gods Grace I’m going. To overcome this

how far out are you? I learned that these things can come and go, i have headaches also. Have you had your breathing checked?

it can take up to a year for that to go away if it goes away.

I have not had any procedure yet. The big one is 10x8 and the smallest one is 2mm. They are watching the big one. I guess its risky. The smaller one the doc… @ johns hopkins Want to treat

i think my surgery was '06..... memory is a big problem, the location, size, and type of aneurysm was complicated, and it blew up during the surgery. i have 2 plates, and a few screws in my skull, some days are good, some are REALLY really bad.....the past few have been bad. plus, trying to find a new dr., just moved t tucson a few months ago, lots happening, and it's hard right now to be positive-----doesn't mean i'm not trying to be, just is really hard rightnow.

hope your day/week?month is going much better.

Hi, I am 11 mos out from a rupture & the tiredness still with me, plus the headaches everyday. To change the sheets on my bed takes me an hour where is used to take only 15mins. Seems like any kind of work, like vacuuming the floors & etc makes me tired. I get so mad at myself & what has happened to me. Some people are alot luckier tho, with no problems. Take care.

Thinking of you.


That makes me feel like i am not alone.Its just so annoying at times. I guess that the journey. need some patience