My Grandfather's Story

It was March 27th 2011(2:00 AM),I was already about to go to bed when my mom came out of her room and informed me she had to go to my grandarents' house saying my grandma called her saying my grandpa was vomiting and had a terrible headeache,my mom convinced me that it was nothing serious and ordered me to go to bed,it took a while for me to go to bed until I finally could.
The next morning I woke up and my mom picked me up to go to the hospital,at the moment of my arrival at the hospital room,there was the head of cardiology doctor of the hospital explaining it didn't had to do with my grandpa's hypertension,he stated that they were gonna make him several studies,but the internist and him were suspecting of a neurological condition,he said that after the studies he would be already taken to the Coronary Care Unit(which is some sort of an ICU but takes better care of heart conditions),me and my family were all sent to the Coronay Care Unit and ICU waiting room,at that time it wasn't even crossing my mind that it could be serious,from all the worrying I really didn't even started thinking that he already was taking ''intensive care'', some 2 hours later the diagnose was discovered.He had a ruptured aneurysm and had to immediately be treated or it could get late.So my mom called our neurologist and he immediately came, he told us he and his teams were going for the coiling sugery, 3 or 4 hours later,he informed us everything went well and that he would have to be induced in a comma for 3 days to prevent efforts that could ocassionate trouble to the coils, it took somo other 4 days after the sedation was off for my grandpa to wake up, we was sort of ''gone'' in some way,sort of in his own world, he couldn't speak due to a tracheotomy he got due to a lung infection, he stayed for probably around 3 weeks and some other days in the Coronary Care Unit and was bumped up to a hospital floor, all my family sensed him different but I reallythought my grandpa was the same only with some details you know,he spent 2 days on his room and then unfortunately had a respiratory arrest and sent off to the ICU instead of the CCU and he was diagnosed with some high bleeding in his lungs and some fungus aswell, fortunately everything was stablilized,the bleeding stopped and was drained and he was in an induced comma again for some 3 or 4 days again,after we woke up,we all experience this great joyness,we don't know why but it seemed this time he was more ''awake'',payed attention,remembered every realtive or friend, he didn't remember anything about the night of his headache and some short term memory failed on him sometimes, he spent another week in the ICU and was sent off to the CCU again, he spent there maybe 1 week and 3 or 4 days there and was bumped to a room,his tracheotomy was taken off and he could speak perfectly only softer due to the weakness of his vocal chords, we spent maybe another week or 2 at a room, all of that time my grandpa was great,the only thing was his sudden unavailability to walk since the hospitalization,he got physical therapy 2 times a day and got a little bit reforzed,he could stand up with help from 2 persons, and walked little steps with help aswell,he got out of the hospital still not being able to walk by himself and with nurse care for the day, he still had physical therapy until this day(july 28th,2011),the insurance just covered 30 sessions which are about to end and also covered 2 months of nursery which have ended since last week,my grandpa can now walk,go up and down stairs,bathe himself,but still needs someone to keep him monitored every now and then just to make sure nothing happens,i'm not saying his fully recovered,but on his way, his accident was on the last days of march and we're on july, his recovery has been extremely fast and my family,the doctors and I can't believe how great he is, he always says he's not sure to believe us,that he doesn't think it was that serious,but i've been showing him The Brain Aneurysm Foundation videos on youtube and he sort of really has a sense now of what was his condition and how other people actually has been recovering more slowly or how some other are just like him,throughout all his recovery time I have been some sort of a caregiver for him, I always stayed throughout all afternoon and talked to him or just watch TV and some other stuff, I take him for some walks aswell,we go all around from his house back to his house, I just wanted to upload my story to let other people know that when the family gets together and there is great love for the person that has the condition you can overcome this great hole you,your family and the person with an aneurysm fell in to.One great factor is never giving up and always have a great sense of hope, you and your diseased one are not alone!

wonderful Story!!!

Thanks so much Kimberly! I aprecciate your thoughts!

Alex...thank you for sharing your family story...that in itself is excellent...the love, commitment and support...

Your grandpa is blessed in having you all.

I also was in coronary care after the diagnostic angiogram / initial coilling and the delay in finalizing treatment.

Please give us updates on his recovery.


Thanks so much for your comment Pat, I will sure keep updating on his recovery! thanks again…