My daughter's aneurysm

May 11 my daughter had a clip placed on a large brain aneurysm. She is 51 - had a one-in-a-million cancer for which she was radiated so badly the doctors said she would have life-long health issues - that was 12 years ago - she also had a two-in-a-million bone disease requiring hip replacement surgery and a second surgery to correct the length. The surgeon who operated told us to “google” for information (not helpful in a situation where we felt pressured to make a decision). He described how he would do the surgery (over the left temple, removal of some bone) - said it would take oh, an hour to an hour and a half - five and a half hours later, he was done. We weren’t prepared for the emotional changes, and she still suffers headaches (she is a moderate smoker and just won’t quit) - depression and absolutely no energy plus confusion - I need to be able to encourage her that eventually it will get better. I understand that both Joe Biden and his son had this surgery and now seem fine. She wants to slowly stop seizure meds and look to herbs and natural remedies. Comments? She’s also had the hard luck that catastrophic illnesses cause - but at least got help with social security disability.

You can encourage her that things will get better. She may have some things she will always strugle with. My the real bad head aches are now what I would call normal headaches. I also struggle with low energy but the confusion for me is much better. I have recovered remarkably well but it still is a work in process and I would say I am still recovering. It has been a year since my surgery. My surgery was 10 1/2 hours. I don’t know anything about herbs and natural remedies so I can’t say. She has had to deal with a lot of health problems and is understandably discouraged. Each case is so different it’s never comparing apples to apples but wanted to let you know things did get a whole lot better for me. I know this is hard on her and you. It’s a long road but worth it. Take Care.

Thank you - I’ve printed out your reply to give her moral support that she needs - it’s truly kind of you to respond and gives me more hope.