My Dad... Any Hope?

My dad is 62 years old. He's been a smoker all of his life, and also has had congestive heart failure. He was having trouble breathing on Wednesday and said his head was hurting. I called 911 and he was taken to the hospital. He suffered from a ruptured aneurysm and had extensive bleeding. He was placed on a brain drain to have the pressure removed in his skull. He had clipping surgery on the ruptured aneurysm yesterday. Today the doctors are telling me that the aneurysm caused a stroke and the left side of his brain shows little activity.

Is there any hope that he can recover to live a somewhat normal life? There is still swelling in his brain, but they are saying that if he does wake up now, he will be unable to even perform basic functions. They want me to make all of these decisions for him, to either let him pass away in his current state or wait and see what develops. I don't want him to suffer but I also don't want to lose my dad.

Wow...I'm so sorry about your dad,,,,and right now, you're in a very tough position....are there any other family members around you to talk with about this? I cannot imagine how painful this must be, and I honestly can't say what i'd do if I were in your situation. WIsh I could help you with this, its obvious to me that whatever the decision may be, the decsion will be made out of love.

I'll be thinking of you and your family,

Peace, Janet

Kirbiboh...prayers for you for your right is such a difficult one...and so weighted by how much any family members/others, have ever discussed the potentials, personal desires, a/w/a written into a will... the living will / advance directive...

There has been a lot of media coverage recently on the brain death status...that I will be addressing in the "ask the doc" series here...the exams done for the doctors' decisions, the state laws...etc... I have to get my thoughts put together...or I likely will be told I am not clear in my question(s)...

Prayers for your comfort in making your decision and that there are hands to hold yours during this time.


Kirbi...I have added some of the article info and my questions in the "ask the doc"...


Thank you for the kind words everyone.

Unfortunately, there was no way of saving my dad after the extensive damage that had been done to his brain. He wasn't brain dead, but with so little activity, the stroke would have left him unable to care for himself and he would never have wanted that. He would never recover, he would only be a shell of his former self.

I had to do the thing I thought was right. My dad I never discussed what he truly wanted until I read his directive. I had them comfort him in his final moments as I stood there, speaking to him and telling him how much he was loved by all those who knew him. He gasped for breath until he couldn't anymore. I watched my father, who raised me, who protected me, who gave me the happiest 25 years of my life, pass away today.

Thoughts are with you! I would have done the same. Take care if you!
Blessings for you and yours.

Prayers out to you ~ Colleen...

Kirbiboh, I just read your last comment and my heart aches… Cherish those 25 years of memories and find peace in knowing you made the right decision. He is no longer in pain and will always be with you! Sending prayers your way tonight…