My clump of hair fallen out

Can someone tell me what will make my bald spot grow in faster it is hard to have any good hair days since july 16 when i suddenly saw no hair and only my scalp. I have short hair to begin with so there is not much i can do to cover it up i have been wearing a head band to push the front hair back to cover it and feel like a kid again having to wear this lol iam single sure wont have any dates for awhile i guess lol. Thanks and any suggestions would be appreciated all the best to you all. Nancy

Hi Nancy, I had a coiling on June 1 and I still have a big ole' bald spot on the right side of my head.. my "anny" is on the right side but only slightly and more toward the center, according to my neuro. But this thing is on the right side about an 2" above my ear. I can't tell if it's starting to grow back or not. My sister says it is growing back so I've decided to go with her opinion. So, I'm going to monitor your question and see if someone has a good answer...

I lost hair all over and in the bald spot and am able to tease/comb into a somewhat presentable style. I just sort of guessed that the overall hair loss was likely due to the trauma and never figured out what the bald spot was about so now you've got me curious! I have been using Nioxin hair products, which my stylist recommended after my surgery, and I really like them and now that I'm back to work part-time I've gotten compliments on how great my hair looks, so something must be working. I also take gelatin tablets in addition to my multi-vitamin. Gelatin is supposed to strengthen hair, skin and nails.

Hello it is nancy getting back thabkyou for taking the time to reply to my question. I have hair all over my head except a big round spot on the left side near the back you can see my scalp and there are little tiny pieces of hair i hope it will all grow back and be like the rest of my hair. I dont feel so good about myself as it is and this is only making me more deppresed. Again thanks for caring. Nancy

Hi Nancy:

Try not to be depressed, look at your bald spot as being a medal of bravery, they just pinned it in the wrong spot is all. lol Your hair will grow back Nancy it'll just take some time, can you get a clip in piece from the hairdresser or drug store, maybe that would make you feel better. Think about how many times in your life that you've had a bad hair cut, this is just one of those times. Cheer up Nan, it gets better.

well i was clipped so i don’t know but try to make a new hair style or use some hair spray with a brush and tease it up or over.

You are such a sweet lady teddy and your right what you said it’s just hard my hair not going the right way and all the weight i have gained in the last year. My dad passed away a year and a half ago i neaver had a mother growing up so since losing him i have lost myself and it has been tuff to carry on each day then the anyeresm in june,NOW my car is acting up whats next i wonder at times it’s hard to be positive i tell you. Thanks again for your messages they mean alot teddy and hope all is going ok for you. Nancy.