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hi again

I always come to you when I have a worry or an anxiety as this is the place I get true and honest answers from lovely people. My mum is doing well but her sight and short term memory are still a cause for concern. she understands brilliantly but within minutes has forgotten what was said. Its only been 3 months since her massive aneurysm and maybe I am being too hasty for her recovery. Is there a chance her memory and sight will come back? Can you let me know any advice would be brilliant . Kind Regards Mel Gorman

Louisa C said:

Melanie, The healing of the brain takes much longer than other body injury. Three months is a very short period of time for your Mum to not have her issues resolved.

Stay Strong & Positive!

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My husband has had a large basilar tip aneurysm coiled twice (May and June 2020).
He came through both procedures without any physical problems. We noticed his short term memory was definitely impaired. He tried to go back to work, but was asked to wait a bit longer due to his memory issues. He has been extremely lucky, his workplace has been very understanding. My husband did undergo a neuropsychology test in September. Everything was good, except his short term memory still poor.
We are now at the end of January, and I’m happy to report that things have improved a lot! His short term memory is almost back to normal. I thought this would not happen, but there we are. The brain takes a long time to heal. Good luck!


It’s wonderful to read that your husband continues to improve! It’s a lot of hard work and various tricks isn’t it? Congrats to you both!


Thank you! It’s hard to believe that this was possible. Patience is key. All the best to you also. Stay well.