Multiple procedures

Today, I was informed that I have multiple Annies that will be repaired on Dec 23rd. On Nov 8, 2013 I was told that the found another Annie but after a closer review of the angiogram my doc found 2 more. He is confident that he can repair them but due to my having three previous clipping he is unsure of the residual effects. He explained that paralysis or weakness of the left side could occur. He also mentioned brain infection was a possibility due to the previous multiple procedures. But, if all goes well like my previous surgeries I can go home by Xmas. This will be my fourth clipping. He confirmed that FMD is a contributor to my condition. I would really like to hear from others that have had three or more clippings. Please share.

Gosh Freedom...I don't know what to say...but with everything your positive attitude will get you far...and prayers...I will be praying for you...~ You hang in there and you will get through...~ Thoughts and prayers out to you ~ Colleen

I am with Colleen I send you all the love and best wishes I can, I hope all goes well for you and that you come through your surgery well and return home for Christmas xxxx

OMGosh, I am so sorry that you will be going through another surgery so close to Christmas. Sounds like you are in really good hands. Will he be taking care of all the rest if them during this surgery? I pray for you and all of his staff for you surgery and definitely for a good recovery.
God bless you,
~ Carol

Thank you all for your expressions of concern. My doctor will be taking care of 2 of the 3 aneurysms. One of the aneurysms is too small to be treated. I remain confident that God will bring me through once again.