If anyone has any information on having MRSA in the shunt in a person's head, please let me know. I found out this evening, that my sister has MRSA in the shunt in her head. Please if anyone knows anything, good or bad, please let me know. Thanks, Diane Bruce

HI Diane...I have been thinking and praying for your sister and family...I know that MRSA must be treated with antibiotic through IV....and it is not good...God Bless...all of you must be careful around is highly contagious....

Hi Colleen,

Thank-you for your concern and prayers, it it very much appreciated. They have already started her on an antibiotic, but she is so weak. She only weighed 95lbs when she was admitted, I don't know how much she has lost, but I know she has. We will be very careful, but I just have to go see her regardless.

Thanks, Diane


Back in 1994 when my wife had her clipping surgery, MRSA was little known but I was well aware of these little SOB's. I made sure that anyone including nurses, doctors and "all visitors" washed their hands before doing anything with her. MRSA has only gotten worse since then. If you can be the enforcer for your Sister that may help her going forward. Sad to say, this is going to be a tough fight for her.

Hi Ed,

I wish I could be with my sister everyday to monitor cleanliness, but unfortunately I have to work. She is in a hospital about 45 minutes away from me. Between me, my brother-in-law and my brother, we try to have someone there as much as we can, but that doesn't help the situation now. Thank you so much for your concern.


Continued Prayers Diane...!

I am sorry, I know it has to look bleak...!

Diane, I am so sorry to hear about your sister. I had an aneursym clipped in April 2011 and five weeks later became very tired, felt lousy and found my incision oozing. A trip to the ER and I was in the OR several hours later having the wound cleaned (a debridement - craniectomy) during which they found my bone flap infected and discarded it leaving me without some skull. I was in the hosp. fpr 6 days as they grew cultures to determine which type of staph infection I had contracted at the incision site. It was diagnosed as MSSA - which is basically the same as MRSA but it can be treated with more drugs. I went home with a PIC line an was to be on home IV for 6 weeks. My pump pumped antibiotics into my body every four hours, 24 hours a day. Fortunately my husband was able to help with changing IV bags, etc. Five weeks into taking the antibiotics I became allergic to them and developed a rash. Then I went on oral IV for 4 more weeks. The good news is that I was able to fight the infection - I hope your sister is able to due the same. My prayers go out to you and your family .

Thanks Arleen, but they have given up on my sister and are just giving her medicine to keep her comfortable until she passes. I just found this out today, so it's been a very depressing day. Her husband made the decision and I don't agree, but have no say so. I'm happy to hear you came through so good, I'm sure it was scary, we have been going through this for almost 3 months and its been rough.

Thanks again, Diane

Diane, my heart broke when I heard the bad news about your sister. I did say some prayers for her at church this morning... prayers do help. Take care.

Arleen, Thanks so much, everybody has been so kind. I appreciate every prayer. All we can pray for now is a miracle. Thanks, Diane

Hi Diane...I am so sorry...praying your sister doesn't suffer...and that it is in God's Hands...


Hi Coleen, Thanks so much, my sister passed shortly after noon today. Thanks for you prayers, Diane

Oh Diane...I am so sorry...My heart aches for you and your family...

Thanks Coleen, everyone on BAF have been so nice. I appreciate each and everyone of you.

Thanks, Diane

Diane-I am so sorry for the loss of your sister. I will pray for peace for her and your family as you go through this awful time....God Bless you and again, I am sad to hear of her passing.


Diane, my condolences on the sudden loss of your sister. I know what it is like to lose someone so close (my mom of the annie at 45 and my sis at 35 of breast cancer), there aren't any words that will make the loss less difficult. Your family is in my prayers; God Bless you all.

Thank-you Cece, once again everyone has been so nice and I really appreciate it. It will be tough, but my sister is at peace and that's what matters the most.


Thanks Arleen, I also know, I have lost my dad and two brothers. It just doesn't seem fair for God to take my sister too. Thank-you for your thoughts and prayers.

God Bless, Diane

Diane…I am so sorry, prayers to you and your family…D


I am saddened to read of MRSA; it is the first time I am aware (memory) of related to our surgeries. MRSA has been ghastly in the media coverage these past years.

Hugs and prayers surrunding you all for your sister's healing.