Hi All

I had craniotomy and clipping for two aneurysms In Aug 2012. I have a lesion in my liver and the consultant wants me to have another MRI on this, I had MRI with contrast on liver previous to craniotomy and have refused to have another as I am scared of the metalwork in my head moving. I have another aneurysm at the other side of my head and getting a bit tired of being prodded and pictured and lectured about what is best for me, as if I have no say over my own body!

Are MRI's safe for me? when one consultant has to write to another because they are not sure makes me a bit worried. Head of radiology is adamant that MRI is better than CT for my particular liver problem......sigh

any MRI input would be welcome


HI Chris ~

I wasn't clipped, but coiled...and my coils are platinum...and I am told by my neurosurgeon an MRI is safe for me...well Good Luck Charlie, no radiology Dept will run an MRI on is so I have all my Info on my coils in my records that I can provide for an they have me so scared...well you know...the rest...

Wishing the best for you ... and hope all works out...~ Colleen

Hi Chris,

I went thru some major hassels in obtaining an MRI on my lower back since I didn't know the exact brandname of the titanium clips that i've had since 1997, fortunately though I just contacted my Neurosurgeons office and they quickly got my my records for me and only then was I able to get the MRI (However during the same timeframe I was sent to yet another clinic for another lower-back MRI, and the staff at this particular clinic didn't even bother to ask me about possible problems with the clips--I had to insist they give me an open MRI otherwise i wouldn't go forth with the procedure. In comparison, the two clinics were like night and day in their professionalism regarding the anueyrsm clips. And coils were never an issue (as I had coils by then too) , so I guess it all depends on the outfit. Kinda' spooky , I would've thought all MRI techs , places, etc. would be more uniform in their approach when it comes to such things. My best to you, Janet