MRI Headache?

I had the PED placed Jun of 2012. I was told it was completely safe to have an MRI. I had one last week for my shoulder, and have had a headache since. Could it be the pounding of the machine? It just seems odd .I have not had headaches like this / or an MRI since the placement.

Hey Denise, I can say that I’ve had many, probably at least 10 to 15, MRIs since my PED, and never suffered from any headaches afterward. Most of those MRIs were upper neck, shoulder and head ones. One question I did think of is did you have contrast? That I did not have and wondered if maybe it’s a reaction to the dye?
Anyway, hopefully you’re feeling better since this post.
Linda xxxxxx

no contrast. The aches and pains of old age can get confusing with the stress of having the PED. Somedays are just harder than others.