More feeling equals more pain?

I am getting more and more feeling back in my forehead and head. However, I am getting these intermittent shooting, throbbing pains around my incision site, that last for a few seconds. In the first few weeks, while still pretty numb, I felt some shooting pain. It was not as intense as my head was pretty numb. The doctors office called the zingers. I am wondering if these pains are normal since I am getting more feeling back or if I should be concerned.

Terri... anticipate you will get lots of feedback from those who have had the open surgery...

Prayers it is right correct...and. do not hesitate to page your doc...


Hi Terri,

I recall little pains shooting around my scar as things healed up and my numbness went completely away on the last clipping (not so on the 98 clipping however, as I still have a tad bit of numbness from that one) So I'd wager to say that yes, its normal in the healing process....I'd imagine though that since finding the staples 'left over' , any bit of a twinge would be pretty alarming--you know yourself better then anyone, so if you really think its an issue, go have it checked out !

Peace, Janet

yes!!! hi terri! i still get "pinches" 4 yrs post sah coiling and yes the numbness in feet and knees and hips seem to be replaced by pain- early on i would tell theraists my pain level was 0, 1 or 2 now its 789 but maybe its a Blessing in disguise? i sure hope so, bless you and yours~