Mom of ML

My 46 year old daughter had emergency coiling at Basilar site of 7mm aneurysm in Sept 2008. Her follow up in March 2010 showed coiling had compressed. Surgeons went back in, recoiled and put in a stint to hold it in place. After 2nd surgery during night she hemoraged from femoral groin site internally and externally. She received 6 units of blood and was in intensive care for a week.
Approx. 10 days after she was home she started what we now refer to as her “Episodes”. 1st her speech gets slurred, then her thought process does not function normally, she forgets what she is saying in mid sentence and cannot remember correct words to use, next to go is her balance, it is so bad she has to be carried to the bathroom etc. and finally her mental state is reduced to crying and she also becomes combative. She also experiences short term memory loss during her “episode”. She is usually better each morning during episode but as day progresses she deteriorates. When all this is happening she cannot be left alone. All this usually last about a week then she is back to normal for a month or so.
She has lost a lot of time from work and is now worried about losing her job.
Her neurologist has run every test he says is available to him and has found NOTHING. He said all her brain activity is normal, no scaring, no strokes.
We are at the end of our rope. Has ANYONE experienced these or similar symptoms or heard of anyone with them. Or knows where we can go for further testing to find out exactly what is going on.
My father had a Basilar bleed stroke and her symptoms during these episodes are so similar to the way he was after his stroke it scares me.
I hope someone out there can HELP ME.


I had a 9mm annie...coiled alittle over 6 weeks ago...I have some odd things happening...but according to this site...others have them too...but Doc's think they have nothing to do with coiling...all are managing problems...none are like your daughters...and I say..."Go with your Gut..."...if something isn't right...and this sounds to be the case...insist on,

Not sure what else to say...I feel for you and your daughter...and the frustration with medical care in the US...but I can say prayers for you both...that you will get answers...and she will get help...Gotcha close in my Prayers...! Hugs Colleen

Thank You so much. It has been difficult for her and her husband. My next step is to get in touch with John Hopkins Hosp. in Baltimore(sp) Isaw where they are the # 1 Neuro. Hosp. in the States.

Very Good Choice Mary...!

Keeping all of you in my prayers...! Cyber hugs to you Colleen

Ps...if it hadn't been for University of Florida having good Neuro... I would have gone to John Hopkins...

Please check into neuropsychological testing (test though processes…). I just had this completed because my thought process is not up to par (concentration is off,…). This may assist in pointing her to possible assistance for rehab. Also check witht he social worker at the hospital where she had her surgery done and she may direct her as to where to go for assistance.