Michael's Story-- 24 years old

My Fiance had a brain aneurysm in November 24th 2009. He collapsed in our bathroom and as I caught him, he started having a seizure. I called 911, and they arrived. He started to come around, but the emergency room was crazy and he was starting to crash very quickly. They realized he had a ruptured aneurysm in his carotid artery near the circle of willis. He had a surgery done that night by Dr. Lee at Lehigh Valley Hospital. He literally saved his life that night. The nurses had problems waking him up that night so we were not able to see him until very late that night. He was alive though. Dr. Lee ended up having to clip that aneurysm, which stopped the blood flow to the right side of his brain. His body would have to re-direct blood flow to the right side of the brain to keep it alive. Over the next 21 days, times were very urgent, and the chance of vasospasm were very high. Those days were very touch and go. One December 4th 2009, Michael had a stroke on the right side of his brain, which caused immense swelling which lead to emergency surgery. He had two surgeries that day, one to remove part of his skull, and the second to remove more skull as well as part of his frontal lobe. At this time he had about a 5 % chance to live. He was on the breathing machine for about 5 weeks, then was switched over to a trach for a few weeks after that. After the last surgery, he was again touch and go. He had many days called “storming” where he was completely out of control coughing and breathing very fast. They had to put him into an induced Coma for about a week to allow his brain to recover. On December 24th, Christmas eve, Michael opened his eyes to the world and gave me and his family the best christmas gift ever. After that day, there were some bad days, but he was released on the 9th of january to Good Shephard in Allentown. As if he didn’t have enough troubles, he was treated very poorly there by some of the physical therapists, as well as, the nurses. They were reported, but it still was very discouraging. With that said, most of the other people there were wonderful, and he was out of there in under a month, and was finally home. At home, there were many difficulties adjusting to life after the brain injury. He was admitted to the hospital many times over the last year. He has had meningitis (pseudomonas), MRSA, and many reconstructive surgeries. As of right now we are awaiting on another surgery, probably going to happen in the next few weeks to fix some holes formed by MRSA. I am Michael’s Fiance, and I can tell anyone this was the most difficult part of my life, but since it was for the man I love, I would do it all over again just for him. If you have any questions please ask. Just as an FYI, Michael was only 24 years old when this has happened. He is now 25. We are getting married August 12th 2011, and trying to save up as much money as we possibly can, because as you know having a brain aneurysm is also expensive.

Has anyone else had an experience like this?

Thank you very much for your reply. Yes, unfortunetly he has gone through pretty much everything…but everything is becoming less and less serious as time goes on. Plus he is recovering very well overall. The brain is very amazing, there is nothing else like it. I hope all goes well with you and your family as well.