Memory Loss

Hi, I am new to this website…I just joined tonight and so far I love it!!! It’s so nice to be able to share things with people that understand and have gone through what I went through. It has been many years since I had my brain aneurysm (1983) and I survived…which is the most important thing. But, it seems the older I get the more I having memory loss problems. I have lost a few jobs because of this. It seems like if my job isn’t repetitive, I have a hard ti me remembering what I am supposed to do and it causes me my job. It also seems like my feelings get heart more often now…before I never let people get to me…but now it seems like I weep at the silliest things. At first I thought it was menopause…but if that’s the case…my menopause has been going on 10 years…ha. Has anyone else felt this way or do I need to go see a shrink? Thanks

Hi Linda,

I do have short term mermory lost. What I try to do is work my brain by doing puzzles and other mind games. I use tools such as outlook calendar, message reminder on my phone. Send myself e-mails to remeber things. I have gotton myself a planner and write things in it.
I am more emotional but what we have gone through I really do think that it is a normal thing. It cou;d be the other way too, where you don’t care about things you use to.
If you think your memory lost is getting real bad, see a nuelosist (I have become a terrible speller) LOL

Take Care

Hello Linda,

For a comprehensive and easy read on the situation you describe above I refer you to the book titled, “Stroke and The Family: A New Guide”, by Joel Stein, MD. It explains it all there and much more.

Harold Fernández

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