What working fornypyr headaches what are you currently doing also I had a brain aneurysm according to my doctors it was the worst one my brain got flooded with 80 % the amazing part about it is that no physical affect was done yet in my memory it was the total opposite things happen that I cant prove my parents got the house evicted one day we came home the whole community took our stuff the rest was thrown memories but for me prove anyways…now I’m living this life I say this they say that and that happen at 20 now I’m 29 and my health sucks complications over complications this year I visit the er 19 times every time they did a small procedure or just drug me and send me home oh they love to give me tramadol injection makes me go crazy I basically run out every time I’m pretty sure I posted this before I forget things again I’m in this really dark world and it seems the internet is the only light I get dam… I’m only 29 ugh! Anyways any help be nice

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