Martha Stuart's Sister Passes of Brain Aneurysm

Such a sad thing to see another person go of one of a Brain Aneurysm. I have included the link below for anyone who wants to read. I feel as though many are not educated on the warning signs of a rupture. I have argued that pamphlets need to be made available in hospital and doctors' offices with this information so that we can have our communities better educated.

What do you think?


Hi Kristin ,
I so agree with you. As a former Compliance Specialist in healthcare and a survivor I saw various information regarding different illness but do not recall any information Brain Aneurysms . …education is key.

Thank you for sharing .

For some reason I never got notified of your response. I am so sorry for not responding sooner. It is hard to see things like this and know that our medical providers are not all being educated :(

The best we can do is share our stories with whomever we come in contact with and hope they take the information with them.