Macular Degeneration

I’m wondering if I should see a Vascular Specialist. I’m a 51 yo female with a wild medical history. At age 19 my aorta ruptured in an automobile accident. Lived relatively healthily through childbearing years, then in my 40’s began to notice I had a tendency to develop flebitis (sp?) when I had blood drawn from my arms. No biggie, just odd. Then at 46 with no forewarning had an aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. Body developed DIC, a blood disorder causing me to have my left hand, half my right hand and half my right foot amputated. I am so blessed to have been able to relearn to walk and return to my job. Yesterday at a routine eye exam I was told I’m developing Macular Degeneration, and my ophthalmologist said it was most likely a result of my brain bleed 5 years ago. Reading about Macular Degeneration I learned that it is related to interrupted or poor blood flow to the retina.
Does anyone else have several vascular events in their health history? Any advice?
Thanks all, blessings to you! Rita Chapman, Alabama