Lumpy Head

Hello again!

Another question - my head and the back side of my face are quite lumpy and I'm wondering if they're going to stay that way since it's been 3 months since my surgery. Anyone else with a lumpy head?? :o)

yep where the incision is. I had my surgery 7 months ago and it is still “lumpy” not as bad as it had been so I’m guessing in time like all scars this too will fade.

the wifes is the same way,partially to all the surgeries she’s had lately but it’s just in her forehead.They’re not even concerned about the annie they found,cant do anything till all the infection is gone

Mine is also on the left side at the hair line. The doctor said it might smooth out but might not. I’m doing pretty good. Have some trouble with my memory. Sometimes there are words I just can’t think of and people’s names.

I have the same thing Not being able to come up the the name of something, but I don’t think its from the surgery. I was having problems before. Just seems like it is getting worse. I’m 45.