Lumbar puncture

Does anyone know why they would do a lumber puncture after a CT and MRI that suspects an aneurysm?

Hi Shelly,

When I had the real bad headaches in Rochester, N.Y. they always did that because at one time I had viral menagentois (sorry about spelling) but never did a Cat scan or MRI. I would ask the Dr. It is kind of weird but I’m no Dr.

Take Care

Spinal taps measure intracranial pressure, detect bleeding or brain hemorrhage, diagnose infection, ms, etc. I agree with Ken, you need to ask your doctor.

Thanks, not me, someone I know had her Dad in the ER, CT and MRI, they thought it was an aneurysm, were to do a lumbar puncture. Turns out it’s bells palsy. Thanks for responding Donna and Ken.

Hi Shelly,
One of the reasons they do this is to look for any red blood cells in your spinal fluid. This could indicate that there is some bleeding going on, possibly a leak from an aneurysm.

Thanks for the info Sherri. Now I know.