Low blood pressure

I know high blood pressure isn't good for brain aneurysm's. Does anyone know if low blood pressure is bad?

I had unruptured aneurysm coiled 2 years ago. Headaches every day but they seem to be getting worse and my husband said my blood pressure might be high but its low. 114\60.

Just curious and trying to decide if I should call the doctor.



Hi Deanna,

is your BP always that low? From all accounts, having low BP is considered to be a good thing in relation to aneurysms...but having increased headaches is not typical, so perhaps make an appointment with your doctor--considering that you have an aneurysm history, its probably a good call to make.

Peace, Janet

Hi, no, I have a history of high blood pressure. I'm not on any meds for it right now though.



Hi Deanna,

Perhaps there is a medication that you are taking that is causing the lower blood pressure? The reading you posted is on the low side but not dangerously so, I would however follow up with your doctor.

And yes, low blood pressure is preferred for aneurysm patients.

Good luck!

Hi Deanna...talk to your Doctor...it is better to be safe and sorry...but I do believe low Bp is better with a brain aneurysm then high blood pressure...please update us ... ~ Colleen

Hi Deanna. My blood pressure also runs a bit low at times and did so before my rupture. I did bring this to my doctors attention and they were not concerned at all. If it were me, I would keep a daily log of your blood pressure and if it turns out to be consistently low; I wouldn't hesitate bringing this to your doctors attention and not because it's dangerously low; I just feel that it's very important to keep them informed of things like this.

Just my 2 cents and Hope your Wednesday is being good to you!



Do you mean they have you on meds for the low blood pressure? My BP runs 90/58 almost all of the time and I am seeing an autonomic specialist tomorrow to address it. Just curious if what they were doing for you.


Ahh. Got it.