Low back pain? After surgery?

Unbelievable… My HEAD feels great… My low back down into my legs hurt so damn bad I can barely stand it… Went to ER., they said not sure… Went to Nero nurse, she said not sure… WTF… I can barely sit, barely stand… I’m ready to curl up in a little ball and cry my eyes out… I need a cigarette!!! And my head feels fine… ???

Hi Princess...you never know how they place you in surgery...I hope they can get to the bottom of your pain...did they tell you or give you something to take to help you out? and...You know a cigarette won't help...infact, it will be very bad on your coils...

I ended up after surgery with a "god awful shoulder" and I didn't want to complain after everything, but like you .. it was awful...my neuro checked it out and sent me to an ortho guy ... I went to P/T for three weeks and had to work at home for about a month...and finally after many months, it is so much better...Hang in There, but pursue it and get answers and/or help...Gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen

Hi Princess! I hope you're finding relief. Ooof when I first got home from my coils surgery (and off the morphine) my head was fine but my lower back was killing me! I slept the first few days at home in a good chair sitting more upright rather than laying flat and that seemed helped alot. I also would (shhhh) take the pain med they gave me for my headaches (which were non-existent) for my back so I could at least go for a walk and did some simple yoga to stretches (but my instructor was very firm about doing yoga at least in the first few weeks /months after surgery no stretch move or bend that puts your head below your heart, but there are plenty left that help stretch legs and back). I just sort of wrote it off as: I was flat on my back for 24 days in ICU, it was to be expected, after a few days I was much better. I go back and forth on the cigarette thing too, but it only takes me about a minute or so of not wanting to be back in that ICU unit (or in a box with flowers on top) to pass over picking one up, so far.

Good luck!



Do you know if a lumbar puncture procedure was done while you were in the hospital? That would be one possibility and a second would be a cerebral spinal fluid leak or infection. Glad to hear your head is doing fine and I can sympathize with the back pain. Oh, that suggests another possibility in which the anesthesia during the procedure could have caused back muscles to become to flaccid allowing a nerve to move into unnatural position causing a pinched nerve symptom. That is what happened in my hip surgery.

OMG I have the same thing! Colleen is right you never know how you are placed in surgery or how you are moved from the bed to the operating table then back again. It was actually the doctor that said it could be from how I layed in surgery..I ended getting a cortison shot right in the mussel of my butt even though my lower back was in pain..I could not and still can not feel part of my upper leg..After about 3 weeks the lower back pain was better...

I wish you luck with this and hope you get it worked out..Ask about a cortison shot..

yes they did a lumbar drain while I was under… No infection, blood work looked good… I was fine till a couple days home… I cant stand it…


I would strongly suspect that the lumbar drain location is most likely the source of the pain. To do the drain, they need to access the spinal cord area wherein the spinal fluid lies. Someone may have nicked a nerve cord or caused fluid to leak from a nearby disk. I would suggest you consult either a pain management practice (they usually have a Doctor specializing in back pain who can look at the surgical procedure and do the necessary diagnostics to determine if any damage was done) or you can try a orthopedic surgeon for an opinion. Keep me posted on this because you may need additional information based on the results they give you.

Thanks for the Info… I will keep you posted…

I had my surgery , well it will be 3 yrs out on Aug 20th. I so remember being so sore and my hips, legs just ached and like you my head was doing ok, I was on track with a few issues but needed more time.

My pool guy came one morning when i was sitting out back and he is totally into lifting and taking care of the body. I also felt like all my muscle had shrunk. He told me to start drinking water and to drink as much as i could. I also had bruises on my body from surgery, across my chest, and i was so clueless to what they were doing to me.

It really was the best, as had i really known i would have had a hell of a time getting on that table.

time takes time and that is the hard part..........

Hi ya warrior…first Fab to hear your head feels fine, but it really sucks to hear you are getting back pain. I suffered real bad neck strain/pain/tightness after my surgery, UNEXPLAINABLE, as never had any pain before my surgery. And funny enough I went along to an anne support group and nearly 70% of those who had un ruptured anne surgery whether it be coiled or clipped also had UNEXPLAINABLE back or neck symptoms they had never had pre surgery. The good news is most, including myself, found that within time, some with help, the pain goes and it really is just another unexplainable symptom of the mysterious anne / surgery that scares the Poo! out of us when no one can tell us the answers "FOR SURE!!! Hope you get bettered up real soon. N don’t give up, giving up the ciggies…you are a warrior :slight_smile:
Best Wishes

I had extreme back pain and mine was a reaction to the statin drug Lipitor. Once they took me off that, I was fine all around! So see if one of your drugs are a statin, usually prescribed for cholesterol. But I also had other aches and pains from being thrown around on the table that went away too.