Loss of Vision

Hello everyone!

Thanks for your support. I had clipping surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago at UPenn of an unruptured aneurysm very close to the opthalmic artery. Because of the location, size, and neck size- clipping was the best option to preserve sight in the left eye. Surgery was complicated and lasted 11 hours! I am amazed that my Neurosurgeon (Dr. Michelle Smith) goes to work and spends 11 hours in someone's brain- unbelievable!

Anyway, my sight has been compromised and I would estimate that I have about 40-50% of the sight back in my left eye.

Does anyone else have the same experience?

Did anyone re-gain sight, weeks, months after surgery?

I saw an opthamologist at the hospital and he said it can improve over time but could not promise much.

Thanks for your input and info. Welcome 2012!



Hi Nicole...

Oh sweetie...that truly was a long surgery...God Bless...!

It is amazing that a Doctor could work for 11 hours...unbelievable...

I cannot relate...I was coiled and my annie wasn't near my eye....but I will pray that healing continues and you will regain your sight....

Cyber~continued healing thoughts and prayers your way....Colleen

Thank you Colleen. Happy and healthy 2012 to you and your loved ones.


Hi Nicole, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your vision. I don;t have any advice for you, but many people will be able to tell you their experiences. I sincerely hope that in time your vision will return.

Best regards


Thanks Sue and Shauna! I will take all the positive energy and prayers!

Nicole--Wow 11 hour in someone's brain is unbelieveable!!!! ....Even for all of us who have had someone (!) in their brain!

I couldn't see out of either eye (blind) due to blood seepage that dried in both eyes- called "Tersons Syndrome"-

fortunately, I was able to have surgery (vitrectomy) on each eye to remove the dried blood to enable vision! Of course, even with that, they don't know what the success rate will be....I had complications on the Right eye-whole 'nother story....but I can see now! Left eye was a success from the start!

I do know that with all of the prayers and good thought coming your way- well, that is a huge plus!

Keep the faith, Nicole.....

2012 is going to be a great year for us all- I just know it!



Thanks Dana- I am so grateful (as I am sure you are) to be alive. If my vision returns, I will be grateful for that as well. You are a big inspiration- thanks for your positive light.



I had an unruptured aneurysm on my right opthalmic artery clipped in September 2009. It was a 9 hour surgery. I was very fortunate that I never lost my eyesight. I do hope your vision continues to improve, and remember, you no longer have an aneurysm to worry about!!!!!

Hi Nicole and continued healthy healing!

Wow I cannot even imagine 11 hours of someone in my brain. They would have run out of brain I would imagine after all that time!!!! LOL

One of my annies, the right side 9mm was in the ICA at the ophthalmic artery. My surgeon would not even discuss clipping as it said the risk of blinding me was far too high!! He did attempt to coil it, but because my annie had a wide mouth, that failed. My only other option was the pipeline. I was 7th in the Philly area to get the pipeline and just had my 6month (actually 7 months now!) angio and the annie is completely GONE!!! weeee

I had no sight problems prior to my annies being discovered, and none since the 1 has gotten the pipeline. I also have a 3mm on the left ICA which is being monitored at this point.

I will pray that your sight returns to normal very quickly for you!!!

Also, I was curious, was the pipeline ever offered to you?

Best wishes for a continued healthy recovery and Happy New Year!


Hang in there. The day after mine was coiled following rupture I began with double vision. It lasted 4 -5 weeks with subtle improvement along the way. The doctors told me it could improve over time. I was feeling rather helpless for awhile.

Take care, and good luck to you, MJ

My husband had a rupture on 11/21. We started neuro day therapy this week. We saw an eye doctor today who said that his vision issues may clear up about ten weeks out. He's had blurry and double vision with some blind spots, especially his peripheral vision. They gave him a series of exercises to do at home to try to make the vision better.

We went to an eye doctor who visited him in the room after the surgery last week. He was very disappointed after that visit because he really wanted answers. We had to drive an hour for him to get a basic eye exam. He was expecting more. They told him nothing. Maybe it was a matter of finding someone who was specialized in recovery.

THANK YOU Ladies for your support and info. Linda, I was told that my aneurysm would not be a good candidate for pipeline.

Nicole, I had an unruptured aneurysm on my left ICA and it was compressing the optic nerve of my left eye. I had the annie clipped on April 20, 2011; I really had no vision problems prior to the operation, however, my annie was discovered as a result of an eye exam. After the surgery my left eye was very swollen for 5 week so I was unable to determine if my sight had been affected. After the swelling went down I realized that the vision in my left eye was not very clear and I had loss some peripheral vision. I met with a world reknown neuro-opthamologist who took me through a very thorough vision screening. He told me he had good news and bad news for me. The good news was that the annie had been clipped and would not rupture, the bad news was that I had suffered vision loss due to damage to the optic nerve. Optic nerves cannot regenerate and cannot be repaired. He also told me that this vision loss is common with aneurysms near the optic nerve.
Vision in my left eye is now 20/40; my right eye is 20/25 (I'm 64 years old). He told me I would just have to cope with it. I now do wear glasses all the time instead of just when reading; I also don't enjoy driving as much due to the peripheral vision loss. I hope that overtime your vision gets much better. If not, I guess you'll just have to bless the stars that you are among us survivors and do the best you can.

Thank you Arlene. Sounds like you and I are in the same boat. Thanks for your information.

Hi Nicole,

Yes you are correct, about the surgeons, and how dedicated they are to spend hours working on someones brain. I have every confidence in my surgeon too (dr battacharia). After i had a rupture in 2002, both my eyes turned in, and was unable to see for 6months, but through time thisia did rectify itself, and both eyes are now ok. I hope this is same for you or even that you regain full sight again sooner than i did. Good news is though it did come back. God bless and good luck and also well done. x


Thanks for the encouragement Georgia!