Loseing control at times

It's been 8 months and one thing really bother me, I can lose control over the lease little thing. I got into it over a parking place, I still think I was right but to act like a fool and raise my vocie, no way thats not me. I was not this before I do it a lot anymore. someone is going to knox the rest of my brains out. hate to take anymore drugs, on too many now

Wilma, has your md / neuros referred ou for neuropsych testing and therapies to help you?

Did you have to take a new driver test? a lot of us had to go thru re-testing and have shared our experiences here... Pray that you won't have difficulty with anyone...in a parking place or elsewhere...


Hello Wilma, I am so sorry to hear you are feeling out of sorts. Talk to your doctor about it and see what treatment options they can offer. Remember you’ve gone through a huge hurdle with surgery. Embrace life and let the little things go. There is a book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” that may help you cope when you feel you are out of control. I pray you’ll be fine. Best Regards, Fabienne

Jim's message is too funny! I happen to be a martial artist, been studying more than 10 years, and I have the short temper thing now as well. Didn't before the surgery. You know, I do think the training in patience that is part of martial arts has helped, but not completely.

@Jim, I do know how to use a sword, just saying.

Here's what I figure. Recovery isn't a picnic. It takes lots of time. (I'm two years post-op. For me, the angry twin emerged toward the end of the first year, just as yours.) I mean, LOTS of time. Energy sags. Every little thing begins to needle. It's that way for anyone who is tired, maybe more so for us.

I'm a writer. I like writing solutions. So, I got a journal. Into it I put everything that has bothered me the day before. Sometimes I stop during the day and write about it. This writing seems to release some of it. At least I'm not so inclined to bite of a head off for inconsequential things. Anyway, that's been my solution and it is serving it purpose. Of course, there's sticking a tennis serve in the back fence, too.

I didn't retest on DL I just waited till doc gave ok, Then very careful back roads 30 mph I still don't just get out and drive everyone says that I'm abetter driver I watch everything and everybody. The lady got mad at me cecause I wouldn't move out of handicrap Parking because she had a wheelchair. Funny part I wouldof if it was just me, my husband has trouble walking. Being right about it, don't give me the right to act like a fool, I should have just moved or walked away. I never should act like I did. wish I could do over.

Jim I'm 5 2 and a 107 lbs.

Wilma...you are a tiny little one...

As for re-doing...this ones over...it's a lesson for the next potential... that others have more needs than many of us do...and what we do have, is not generally visible to others... And, a tiny little thing like you would be even harder to imagine...

Just for the record Wilma, you aren’t alone. Just two days ago (or maybe it was yesterday) I barked back at a rude woman on our street over my dog. It was silly, I know this now but at that time, short fuse and as my husband said “it seems as though some of your ‘filters’ aren’t working the way they once did”. I never would have said what I did. Especially that quickly. It also took me a very long time to come down from it. I was very angry. This worries me some due to my profession. I’m trained to remain in control of volatile situations etc. As of right now, there would be no way I could do my job without getting fired at least! lol

I am also losing my cool quickly and just as you, is not appropriate in my profession. The other day I chucked a laundry basket across the hall because my husband told me it was time we leave the house. I was SO upset over something normally I wouldn’t have blinked an eye to. :-/

The same thing is happening to me, But I go through all the emotions. I get mad a something silly, then within seconds, I am stomping my feet, slamming doors, and if this goes on too long, I have been known to go outside and beat up a poor tree with a baseball bat.

Then I feel really sad, I dont know this person, or really like this person, and what the hell are my neighbors thinking, lol. Then the waterworks start. this usually lasts for a long time, blubbering, cant see, cant catch my breath. Many times, my husband will call me from work during this, to see how my day is going, and as soon as I hear his voice, I am totally sobbing again, and cant talk, His wonderful boss sends him home.

Once he gets home, he totally calms me down, and holds me, and tells me that its ok, we will get through this. and then I am laughing like a lunatic. cant stop laughing at the madness. I haven't talked to my Primary care physician about this yet, because I don't want anymore medicine either. I dont need anything else to make me zone out and stare off into space. but I need to tell him, just to have it noted on my records. there is no way I could work like this. I have always worked in customer service, and all my customers love me. because I am nice to everyone. even the cranky ones. but now I have fantasies of reaching across the counter and grabbing some customer by the throat, when they are rude to me.

I have started talking myself down for the small stuff that makes me angry. All those emotions are way too exhausting, to go through them because someone cut someone else off in traffic, and I witnessed it. lol. They are not worth all that energy that I dont have much of to begin with. I actually did a high five with my husband the other day, because I hadn't gotten angry in 5 days (talked myself down every single one of them though) but the next day. My daughter started in on me, had me fuming in seconds. couldn't walk away from this one, she needed a mom to help her sort out her life. but she let me get angry, she held me when I cried, and laughed right along side of me. :)

Thanks I feel better knowing I'm not alone on this, I'm surprised that so many are easy to get upset over next to nothing, Most of the time I have a reason for getting upset, just not for getting to the point of acting crazy, why can't I just let things go. I'm getting better at spelling still got a ways to go on that.

Is anyone taking anymeds for it?

Shelby, thanks for the post. I, too, have emotions that spin out of control sometimes, and, as you said, getting better at controlling them. There have been doctors (thankfully not the internist or the surgeon) who have advocated medications, but I feel it is their own inability to deal with strong emotion that prompted their suggestions. Especially hard for me and guaranteed to get the crying response is when docs fall backward into their chairs while shaking their heads in disbelief and say, "You're here. Unbelievable." Then, they get upset if I tear up. Heck yeah! Two years have passed and I'm still in awe that I'm here and, yes, I'm still tender about that.

For me, tears release of emotions--joy, tension, fear, excitement. The royal wedding is being reviewed on TV and I have tears for them. So, let them, in all their glory, roll through us. And, pats on the back to a boss who is understanding enough to let your husband slip out and go to you. How nice!

specially hard for me and guaranteed to get the crying response is when docs fall backward into their chairs while shaking their heads in disbelief and say, "You're here. Unbelievable." Then, they get upset if I tear up.

@ Robin,

wow, My primary care physician, every now and then, leans back, and just has this blank stare, then turns to my husband and talks about gardening. I always just figured that maybe I am talking too much, I tend to do that now. I bet that is what is going through his mind when He does that. lol. Poor guy.

as for his boss, Yeah, totally love the guy. When I see him, I thank him, and he laughs, and says that he is not sending him home for me, its that He is absolutely useless at work after this happens, lol.

I’m CONSTANTLY flying off the handle - what my husband says “quick to anger” - I thought it was the meds but idk —

I have unruptured aneursym and this is happening to me. Anyone heard of that before?