Looking for Informarion

I was recently diagnosed with a 6.5mm ICA berry aneurysm. For those of you that had around the same size of one what were the treatment options offered to you and recommended and if surgery was the suggested treatment option how long was the recovery? I am 30 years old.

I had a previously asymptomatic 9mm sacular brain aneurysm rupture when I was 27, causing a SAH. I underwent an emergency coiling procedure, from which I recovered very quickly. I went back to work 2 weeks later, though that is in no way the norm. A year later the neck of my aneurysm had begun to widen, so I had to undergo a Pipeline Embolization Device procedure to help fully occlude it. This procedure went very smoothly, with full occlusion happening during the surgery and me being discharged from the hospital a day later. I was married less than two months later and able to go on my honeymoon with no difficulties.

I have enjoyed being able to address these very serious issues without needing to resort to extremely invasive procedures or having to shave my head for a clipping prior to my wedding. However, I feel that the Plavix/Aspirin combination I have been on since the second procedure has made me extremely fatigued and left me feeling rather unwell in general. As I am only 29 and have absolutely zero other health issues, I find this to be odd. I have an appointment to see my Neurologist to discuss whether it is in fact the Plavix or if there is something else going on. Good luck with whatever you choose to do! This board is a great resource.