Local Anaesthetic

I’m probably being over-cautious but wonder if I could ask a question. I have a left PCOM aneurysm. I also have a nasal lump, also on the left side, which requires removal. It’s to be done under local anaesthetic. I think the dr said it would be 3-4 injections. Has anyone had local anaesthetic eg, during tooth extraction? Did the anaesthetic affect the aneurysm?

FeeFo, I had to have a cavity filled after my rupture and went under local with no issues. My dentist at the time always put me on antibiotics before any work on my teeth. He started it when I had my back surgery the year before my rupture. He was very insistent I take them after rupture. The new dentist continues the practice of ensuring I have my antibiotics. In fact the wonderful staff has always called the week before to make sure I have them and then the day of to make sure I take them​:crazy_face::rofl:. I don’t know if you would need them at this point, but ask your dentist…

Thanks Moltroub. I get the nasal lump removed tomorrow morning. I won’t mind the injections but just hope they are not too close to my eye. Just had stress with my car failing on me this week and the garage being unhelpful. Until I wrote to their managing director. Hope to hear back from the garage in 2/3 days.

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Good luck with your procedure! I think it’s great that you’re proactive, it’s a skill that really needs to be in all of us.

The procedure went well and I’m just waiting on the biopsy results. The dr said, at the time of removal, that it looked ok. Re the car - initially they said that the underside was ‘rotten’ and that the repair will would be more than the car’s worth. This is a car that gets serviced and MOt’d by one of the well known garages every year. They wanted me to buy another car and forget this one. When I complained to the manufacturer and the garage MD, they said it’s just a snapped wishbone and that the manufacturer would cover the cost. IE not rotten at all!! Phew!
After all this (before that, I had a couple of head injuries due to clumsiness and being in the wrong place at the wrong time), I’ve been saying to my kids that I think my aneurysm may be bigger. I get a twinge in that area every now and then or it may be my imagination. So I say to my kids I’m desperate to find out and contact my neurosurgeon who I incorrectly thought had ignored my email. It was the scanner team who had missed his message. I called them yesterday and they said they could book me in. I froze and said I’ll contact them after I recover fully from the surgery.
I don’t know why I did that. I want to know but then, if they say it has got bigger and they need to do something about it, I don’t know how I’d take that news.

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I’m glad your doctor thinks the bump is okay, I’ll keep you in my thoughts.

Had to look up what a wishbone was as I’d never heard it before, which is amazing considering both my brothers and my Dad had been mechanics at some point though the eldest brother remained a mechanic until retirement. It appears to be a UK term. I bet that was a heck of a bumpy ride. I’m glad you got it fixed!

Sometimes, we can only handle so much emotionally. I don’t think it’s odd at all. I’ve been having some other health issues for well over a year now. I’ve always had an extremely high pain tolerance, but this has knocked me on my arse. I’ve had more testing done then I can count on my fingers and toes. It all started with my eyes swelling and I’ve yet to go to a Neuro Opthalmologist about that. I like to tackle one thing at a time now. The pain tolerance may be genetic or may have happened with one of my brain injuries. My first was at age 13 months, Dad was in the USN and made about $300/mo. It cost him $7/ day for the full week to have me in hospital. To my mother’s dying day, she said that it was just the beginning of me not listening to her :joy:

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You are so right Moltroub. There are times when it can only be one thing at a time. I booked the appointment for CTA of carotids and was surprised they offered me a slot for a couple of days later. Too soon so will get it next week.
What happened to your eyes? Why are neuro-ophthalmology looking at you? Did your optic nerves swell? I hope you stay well. I am also thinking of you.

The swelling started in one eye, the next day it went to the other the Monday after Easter Sunday last year. It started between my upper eyelid and eyebrow. It’s now going below my lower eyelids on the outside and across the bridge of my nose. The PCP prescribed some ointment and suggested I ask the allergist, the allergist PA prescribed a different ointment, the Opthalmologist another ointment. Saw the allergist on my yearly check up and she thought it was old age. Been having other issues and have seen an urologist and then GI. The GI doc asked me to tell the dermatologist something, I forget what now. He also gave me yet another ointment. Dermatologist took a skin biopsy and I have something under the connective tissue disorder umbrella but don’t know what exactly and a couple different ointments. He has sent me to a rheumatologist. She hasn’t given me any new ointments tG. Suggested I ask the Neurologist, who didn’t know. At my last telemedicine with the rheumatologist, she suggested I call the Opthalmologist for a Neuro Opthalmologist appt. so now I just have to wait for the Neuro Opthalmologist to call for appointment. With COVID-19, in person appointments take longer to get. I told the rheumatologist there was already too many cooks in my kitchen, I couldn’t keep everything straight roflol. The only thing that really bothers me is one of the doctors suggested I not donate blood to the American Red Cross until I find out what’s wrong with me. The ARC wouldn’t let me donate for six months after each angiogram but I’ve been trying to get back to it as often as I can. It’s something I’ve done since my nephew was born almost four decades ago and needed blood.

That sounds awful. I don’t want to frighten you but do your eyes look like the google images for ocular cellulitis? Or does it look like systemic lupus erythematosus - which may be what the dermatologist was talking about. If it’s the first one then you’d have symptoms like blurred vision, headaches, double vision. If it looks like the first one, can your GP refer you to be seen quicker?

Thanks for your empathy FeeFo, it means a lot. My eyes are remarkably healthy, just overly dry. The rheumatologist has a working diagnosis which means a guess, of Lupus but she doesn’t think it’s SLE, there’s a type of Lupus that effects the skin only. I don’t have the butterfly that Dad got with SLE. It just takes a long time and lots of tests, more of ruling out lots of things first. I broke down and asked my PCP for a gimpy sticker as I’m unable to walk up the steep hill to the allergist some days without a lot of pain. She agreed and knows on good days, I will walk.

I’ve had a tooth extraction and a new crown put in under local about 6 years ago. I’m almost 10 years out now from my ruptured SAH and coiling of two other annies the same year. So it was in my 4th year out. Anyway, no problems what-so-ever with the local.


Hi Moltroub, hope you are well. We were on holiday in the canaries one year and my son had this awful rash over his lips and eyes. He’s allegic to nuts and I think the ice cream he ate had nuts in it - language barrier. He was 19 at the time and looked up his symptoms and was worried that it was cellulitis. Thankfully the drs there got him sorted out - he had a couple of injections (can’t remember what they were for) and antibiotics etc. I wonder if it was SLE triggered by the sun as he did have the butterfly rash. We had some days of excessive sunlight here recently and he felt his lips swelling up but thankfully they were fine the next morning. He’s a typical bloke and refuses to get himself checked out.

I am doing well enough thank you for asking! One of our dogs is on leash detention for a couple weeks. She’s got three stitches to close the ragged rip. We all thought it was a small puncture wound about 15 mm. When the vet shaved her, it was worse than originally thought. I have to walk around with her a great bit. I’m thankful we didn’t move to the mountains. LOL

Tell your son to grow up and get checked out lol…My older brother once had a heavy duty T-Post (fence post) impale his chest. Left a nasty scar. When I came home on break I suggested he go to get it checked out. He refused to go to the doctor. My Dad was cutting up some eucalyptus branches with a chain saw. He wanted to teach me how to use one. I tried, stopped and said it wasn’t safe, too much jumping of the chain and bar for me. Of course I was laughed at. But not five minutes later, it jumped on him. The only thing that saved his finger was his wedding band. He refused to go to the doctor as well. I cleaned it up, wrapped it and said he needed the company RN to look at it. She commended my wrapping and sent a great first aid kit. Back then, there wasn’t all the safety stuff on chainsaws that they have now. He was never able to wear his wedding band after that. So maybe it’s a guy thing, not going to a doctor…

Yes he should grow up - he’s got a part time job ( he’s a student) as a caretaker in a block of flats. He’s getting trained on petrol lawnmowers soon - he says he doesn’t care if he gets any safety equipment or not…they’re always a worry no matter what age they are.
Hope you stay well and strong and thanks for being here to chat to us all x

Stay well yourself!