Live music

As I mentioned I love live music and used to play drums… I have not attempted to do any of that. I know a lot of live music can have crazy light shows and obviously loud noise…
I want to go to shows this summer. It has been 4 months since my coil. Do you guys think going to concerts is ok? I used to go alone if no one was able to but I realize I shouldn’t do that right now.
I also read Brain Aneurysm Support Community - Raising Awareness. Ending Fear.
You are in the 50 year old range and joined a rock band? How are you doing with that? Do you play live shows?
Thanks guys

I’m 62! I love it when I get a year older. I have never joined a rock band and only play a recorder though for some odd reason I haven’t picked it up since I ruptured. I used to play the piano when I was younger.

Does flashing lights bother you now? If so, take sunglasses they help and a hat as it will help as well. Might want to take some ear plugs. I did all three when we went to Asheville to a concert a few years back…I loved it. I used to love going to music festivals and anything music related. Music actually helps our brains, did you know that? Yesterday we were entertained by a live music show near by and they ended the night with fireworks. I couldn’t watch them when I first ruptured but one of our dogs loves to watch them and we sat on the back porch to enjoy the show.

Pick up those sticks and do some easy beginner exercises just to get back into the swing of things

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That’s good to read. So far I haven’t noticed flashing lights bothering me. I am interested in seeing fireworks to see if I react to them. I can’t wait to go see bands. And I have a lot of video I shot over the years to go along with a music video project that I have wanted to do. My condition put things on hold but I love to write and come up with new ideas.

I thought about the sunglasses. I also have an electronic drum kit so I can practice on that and adjust the level before I start trying to play my real drums again

It’s been 1.5 years since my rupture and clipping. My other half took me to the casino and I wore ear plugs. If no one was playing beside me I turned down the volume of the machines around me. I can only play for a bit and then I have to stop because all the rotation and the flashing lights overwhelm me. i just take a break and not play or go outside. Bright lights bother me and the noise. I wear sunglasses that wrap around the side so the light doesn’t come through the side… Unfortunately for me, it is not the noise per say, it the many different conversations around me. I hear every conversation at the same time and I have to leave. Very overwhelming…but I keep trying to get use to it.


You may find that this is the time to do that video since you don’t have to go back to work yet. Just take your time and if you start feeling tired, stop and rest. It sounds like a great goal to me!

Like @Suszanne i found noise to sometimes be painful and it would affect all my neurological issues. My hearing had “drastically” improved according to the audiologist. My Neurologist at the time called it “Spidey Senses”. He was gracious enough to put me in a nice quiet, dark room so when I did meet with him, I could actually speak. Prior to us figuring that I was in the waiting room and with the tv going loud coupled with all the conversations I couldn’t speak or find my words, as I was a stuttering mess, my tremor became really bad and I couldn’t walk a straight line if I wanted to.

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Thank you. I will start working on my videos sooner then later. I went for a walk tonight. It was in the 30s but I needed to get out and get some fresh air after dinner. I’m glad I went

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