Let's say hello to Johanna from Pennsylvania!


Welcome aboard Johanna, my name is Arjuna, and I am an intern here at Ben’s Friends. I am very glad that you joined us, and hope that you will be able to get the insight and support you are looking for on here. I understand that you were diagnosed right about this time last year with a SAH of your basilar artery, and had an EE as well as the coiling procedure done to treat it. It is relieving to hear that you have had very few side deficits Johanna. I understand that it is still stressful for you, so you have made a great choice by joining us. If you have specific questions, I highly recommend that you begin your own discussion topic by clicking on the “+ New Topic” button. Please let me know if you need any assistance creating your post, I am more than willing to help! I also suggest that you use the search icon to look up existing discussions that may be of interest to you. I wish you all the best Johanna. Keep us all posted, we look forward to hearing back!

All the best,