Learning materials

Hi my wife had an aneurysm on 4-17-2011 and won’t let no therapist work with her .She is very stubborn. I am looking for apps or material to help with her speech so if you have any suggestions would be very helpful thanx

Wishing you well in helping your wife. I was having a little trouble with speech and language after my surgery. One thing that really helped was my therapist told me to read out loud for 10 min. per day and work up to 20 min. per day 10 min. blocks of time. (10 minutes is a lot more than you realize). The reading material should be unfamiliar and the more complex or difficult the better. So, because I was also having trouble seeing, (and we both liked the subject matter), my sister and I started with me reading from a People magazine everyday. It was easy to read and the print was easy for me to see. Then, we worked up to reading from a literature textbook she found at a thrift store (more complicated). Now, I try to read from a poetry or prayer book everyday. Reading out loud helps make sure the words are pronounced correctly, and the sentences are put in the right order (I had trouble with putting words in the wrong order and I was slurring harder words).

Good luck with her recovery.