Learning and Dealing with this

Im new to all of this and want to know how to go through this so I can talk to other people and learn things and hear things so as to understand how to deal with this Brain Aneurysm that ruptured.

Hi Becky

I just got dischared from the hospital last friday,as I had some problems and they wanted to keep me there and watch me more closely because they think they released me to soon. Thank you for writing to me,I think thats what I need is for people like you to talk to. Please be patient with me as I don’t like to write,I never was a letter writer.Maybe I’ll learn to be one in here.My aneurysm was right between my eyes and they went into my head and cliped it off,and they said it leaked 2 or 3 times before it rupured. When it leaked it clotted .The last 5 yrs has been a nitemare with surgerys.I had14 surgerys on my abdomen for a hernia. There were mistakes made and thats why I had so many of them (surgerys). My last one was in Dec. of last yr. and I thought I was done,Wrong again…I had hard times with those surgerys but this one was the hardest thing I had to go though in my life,I almost died.I’ll tell you more when we chat, hopfully. This has got to me real bad…Thanks Wayne