Late onset of fecal incontinence after ruptured annie?


My mom had a grade 5 annie in March 2014. After 4 months of hospitalization and rehab, she is finally home. It's really wonderful and she is doing remarkably well…. except that about three weeks after she came home she developed full blown fecal incontinence. First she was constipated (from lack of walking around much, and perhaps the meds) and that developed quickly in to a constant leakage (sorry to be graphic.) The doctors have already ruled out a tear. They would like to attribute the FI to her annie, except for the fact that she did not have any problems in this area until several weeks after her final discharge. Has this happened to anyone? Any ideas? Thanks much!

Hi CJ...I have been here over 4 years...and I saw one post similar to this and can't recall who posted it...that being said, I am going to send out to the member's inbox to see if we can get you some help...

Thoughts out to you and your mom ~ Colleen

Hi CJ - it's awesome to read your mom is doing well after a grade 5 and glad she is home. This did happen to me and turns out I had contracted C-Diff in the hospital. I was also hospitalized for 4 months and was told that unfortunately alot of medical professional don't wash their hands thoroughly enough and because I was in such a weakened state, I contracted it. Maybe worth looking into - prayers for you moms continued recovery...Mary

Infection? It happened to me. Meds? Some will do that on certain people. It would seem that process of elimination is needed to determine cause.

I fell and hit my head. I began to experience excellerated urinary incontinance...I never had fecal incontinenance until after I fell backwards and hit my head. My urologist told me the tramatic brain injury is the culprit. My GI confirmed the trauma to my head also has caused the fecal incontinance. regardless if it is a hit to the head or the rupture or having surgery to clip an is all trauma to the brain...according to my understanding. I also began to experience memory loss and walking like a drunk person...all before I had my surgery Oct 3, 2013...1 year approaching.

Thanks so much Colleen!!

Hi Mary - funny you say that because my mom did have c-diff in the hospital but it was resolved with antibiotics. I did read that c-diff can reappear over and over again, even without being in the hospital. I did ask my mom to be tested for that. She is going to try to do that today. But she has no other symptoms of c-diff….only diarrhea. No low grade fever, no loss of appetite or unusual malaise beyond TBI recovery. Thanks for your insight…I almost hope that's what it is so that it can be cured relatively easily.

If her current meds aren’t contributing to this problem and you think it might be C- diff, read up on fecal implants. Antibiotics only perpetuate the problem of a weakened immune / bowel problem . Sorry to hear about her condition, that’s debilitating and most embarrassing I’m sure. God bless, be well.

I did not have incontinence, but I definitely had some unusual digestive patterns (random, urgent, runny poo, basically, which is odd for me, because if anything I tend toward constipated) after surgery and a second hospital stay after a post-surgery seizure. It did resolve after a few weeks. But here are my theories as to your mom:

1) possibly contracting a bacteria or virus in the hospital; I agree it might be the c. diff gathering forces for another round, or something else like that.

2) reaction to medication (I know most are constipating, but I was on some anticonvulsants that messed me up in many other ways, and the body sometimes does the opposite of what's expected).

3) change of diet, because the medications messed with my appetite. I tried to get plenty of probiotics, but who knows if that helped or not.

4) All that sitting around makes your muscles weaken, including your pelvic floor. There may be exercises that could improve things, if that's a factor.

5) maybe the meds could affect the way the brain responds to signals from the colon/rectum that it's time to have a bowel movement?

6) I agree it could also just be a result of the brain injury, and maybe with time the nerves in charge will get back on duty.

I am glad she's home and recovering and sorry anyone has to deal with something as yucky as this on top of it all. I hope you get an answer and a fix soon.

So sorry! Im sure your mother is very upset. If it was from the aneurysm, wouldnt she have urinary incontinence too? Not sure about that. You might try probiotics with live cultures, refrigerated at whole foods or a health food store. These restore the normal bacteria after using antibiotics. They won’t work with antibiotics at the same time because those kill the good bacteria as well as the bad. If that doesnt help,many hospitals have an incontinence nurse who will give you other strategies to live with it. There are muscle tightening exercises they can try and they might try the drug flagyl, which helps if the gut has certain bacteria. There is an incontinence foundation that may have resources. My mother in law had this problem with advanced Alzheimer’s and nothing helped. One thing about having an aneurysm that i have learned is that many of the problems in the first year go away with time as the brain heals. Thank you for helping your mother with this. You are the daughter we all wish we had.

Have any of the doctors mentioned encopresis? My daughter has it. What is happening is that there is a backup of constipation and loose bowels skirt around the constipation and almost constantly leak. If the C-diff angle doesn't show up in tests, perhaps this is what is actually happening. It is worth having her checked for this if C-diff is ruled out.


I had a craniotomy in 2012 for clliping of an unruptured annie and a few weeks after I came home from the hospital I started vomitting and very constipated and had to go back to the hospital and put on meds to get digestion stimulated. I did not have any leakage but the constipation was caused by the pain meds and had to go off of them and everyday regimen of stool softeners and Phillips tablets, worked well. I presently take a fiber supplement daily and that is great!!

Best wishes to your mom and you. Will keep you in my prayers.

Hello, Was just reading through and noticed your post. Has there been a test for C-Diff from anti-bitic basically overdosing ? I myself am suffering from it from last year and 3 anti-bitic regimens and it sounds almost identical to the symptoms , at least most of them, you describe. It has plaged me for energy most of all. Hope that it has been ruled out, and wanted to reply in case it hasn't been questioned yet. Yes, anti-biotics can poison a person. I'm living proof :) God Blessings and hope for immediate recovery !

Hi cj how's mom today? for me I had close calls but made it to the toilet- I think it was food contamination- I seem way more sensitive now, tc hope and pray for improvement across the board!


Fecal incontinence can and does result from severe constipation. I have experienced it and it seems counter intuitive but it's due to liquid in the stool leaking around a blockage. You could get your mum assessed by a Continence Nurse (that's what we have in Australia, may be called something else). If she has bloating, abdominal pain etc, get her to her doctor to confirm and find out the best medicines to treat this. If they won't listen, speak with a pharmacist about over the counter products that help.

Your mum is lucky to have you looking out for her. Good luck.

Hi John, I am sorry you are still suffering from the c-diff effects. My mom had it when she was in the hospital but she as put on an antibiotic regimen for about a month and it cleared up. Did your clear up and then return? I have read that this can happen; that some people are susceptible to recurrences of it time and time am most interested in your reply. My mom went to her GP today and he dismissed the idea because he said c-diff can only occur if you are currently taking too many antibiotics. This goes against what I have read about its recurrence in certain people. I will be looking for your reply. Thanks so much.

Actually, I was bit by a spider getting Chritmas lights out. Long story, but yes I've been through the 3 regimens of anti-biotics for C-Diff, I think the 2nd was liquid Vanco and 3rd was Fixdaomycin (had to laugh at the name and it is mis-spelled also). Yes, I'm being followed by an Ifectous Disease fellow because I continue to have periodic episodes even during the anti- biotic regimens. I took those Pro-Biotics like clock work every 12 hours with my anti-biotics, however, found out that Pro-Biotics and Anti-Biotics are to be taken at least 2 to 3 hours apart from each other. Found this out from reading the labels on the Pro-Biotics after completing all 3 regimens. Also have moved to the MEGA Pro-Biotics (25 billion cultures per cap/$20 - 30) versus the original $12 - 1.5 billion cultures per cap/$12 - 100 and have noted a good improvement. Infectous Disease fellow said that I could have it for a few months or the rest of my life, not really sure. Believe me is wasn't the comforting meeting I thought it would be. Been several weeks and haven't head a word. Continue to battle with light episodes. Hope this not the case for your mom. God Bless !

CJ- I also had a Grade V rupture and 4 months (almost to the day) hospitalized. I had several episodes of fecal incontinence (somewhat humiliating), within the first 6-8 months of my release. It was not "constant leakage" for me- nothing since. It took months for my body to rid itself of the medications that were pumped into me, what an assault. Combined with the trauma of a ruptured aneurysm- little wonder the body rebels while searching to heal

After 1 yr my father was visiting. We went out to lunch. Came back and wanted to nap. Dad went in guest bedroom. Husband and I on couch and he was in recliner. I woke up about an hour later and it was like a baby. Not wet to remove before Dad c
ame down stairs, but scared the xell out if me. Cleaned up fine
No different drugs. I think it was nerves because it never happened again. 3 clipped and 4 th could burst. Try taking 1 pepto b. Every morning. You should be fine. Stsrt walking more. Use those muscles! God bless