Last of personal story

Sorry I forgot to say also that the anuresym is now at 8mm.. so it is bigger...but my father in heaven is bigger than anything...they have all grown in the last little while.


not the last of my personal story...just the beginning..

hi Jana-read your story and i agree we are in Gods hands now-we always were i think-God is good and He is great,iam praying for you-So glad you are a believer-I can't imagin going thru this without Him,God Bless you & yours

Hi Jana,

When I read your story I was utterly speechless. What can I say that would be of comfort.

Like Job, you've had so many challenges to face. My prayer for you is that also like Job you will also be fully restored. I am a believer in miracles.

I very much like that you wrote "not the last of my personal story...just the beginning.." I pray that you will be granted the miracle of healing.

Take care and may God continue to hold you in the palm of His hand.