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Hi, I hope everyone is well. I am 29 years old and I live in Caragena, Colombia. On November 20, 2018 I had a ruptured cerebral aneurysm, the next day I had surgery, I was visually impaired, I lost mobility on the left side of my body and my recent memory was also affected, it took me almost 8 months to walk again, it also caused me a type of blindness in my left eye, until today I continue working on my recent memory, and sometimes I have headaches, but every day I get better, I hope that all people who have suffered this, have a hope, they are going to recover and they will be the same as before.


Guillop18, Remarkable! Keep on with the healing, I’m six years post rupture and it does get better! Have patience


Hey there Guillop18! Sorry to hear of your trouble. I have similar issues as of late in that I can’t see out of my left eye. What I have found (and I am not medical personnel) is hemianopia. You can read about it here:

Furthermore, I am curious as to the cause and any “fix” or “mitigation” for this matter. I’m now legally blind, walk with a cane, and surrendered my license. What what’s next, ya know? Just to let you know, there are others like you. My suggestion would be to follow up with a neuroopthamologist. You can find one here:

If you’re not in the states, there other resources as well. Check with the Brain Aneurysm Foundation ( Blessings as you continue!


You have really fought back against this. Good job! I am here to say that healing never ends. The brain is a remarkable organ, where a healthy part can take over for a damaged part with training. As you have already found, it takes persistence and relentless trial and error. I discovered a pattern with the headaches coming when I was overexposed to light or sound, didn’t get enough sleep, was dehydrated, or when I lay down on the craniotomy side. It might help to keep a notebook of the headaches and what was happening before them to see if you have a pattern. As you will know when you read the past posts, aneurysm survivors are a tough bunch. Welcome!

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My sister also had a ruptured aneurysm in 2013. She had blindness in both eyes but as the optical nerve was not damaged she had surgery and is able to see now. The eye condition she had is known as Terson’s syndrome.


Thank you so much! :raised_hands:t2:

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Thank you Kate3 i aprecciate it.:raised_hands:t2:

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