Just want to give up

Hello im having trouble.with my insurance to aprove my mris so I just sick and tired of lifein general does anyone have.any ideas on how to stop thinking of dieing all the time.

Oh Sweetie...I just read your story & you are clearly here for a reason and you are so very Blessed to have survived all that you've had to persevere thru after you blacked out...and if it weren't for this black-out and your accident; your Aneurysms would probably not have been diagnosed at a point where they can be treated to mitigate any harm these beasts can do to your life. Easier said than done, I know this firsthand, but please try to place your Trust in your medical team knowing that we are the recipients of the miracles they Bless us with given their countless hours & years of research that's been done to be able to treat these brain conditions so that we can resume enjoying Life. And Trust that YOU will be doing just that...enjoying all of Life's Blessings...Fortunately, giving up is not an option so please try to focus on knowing that you are here for lots of very good reasons and sometimes Life's Greatest Blessings come after the Toughest Storms!!!

It does really infuriate me to hear of your problems with your insurance company and you shouldn't have to go thru all this turmoil just to proceed with what they need to do to treat your Aneurysms!!! Our healthcare system is just plain horrible at times ... Perhaps this is something that your doctors can help with helping your insurance company understand why these are so critical for your ongoing good health. Wouldn't hurt to bring this up with them maybe...just a thought.

Hang in there and Stay Strong focusing on all the wonderful Blessings that are waiting just for you once this storm has passed :)!


Michele just said it all so well... so I will jump to the practical direct...

Has your doc contacted your insurance...clearly defining/describing your needed care?

Have you contacted your State Insurance Commissioner? go to www.insurance.wa.gov to view...and/or call 1-800-■■■■■■■■... tho there can be waits...

Hugs...and prayers for getting your answers...start w/your doc, back to your insurance...and, on to the Commissioner...if needed, call your legislative reps...call for assistance...

Hugs and wishes for your best results...keep us informed...


I can't add much to what Michele and Pat have said but I do want to ask you to read this card I made when I was feeling really down. Jeannie, hang tight, ask your Docs or the insurance company higher ups for help. Be persistent. Hugs and prayers to you.

Dear Corrine. I’m so sorry for your problems with the non- approval of insurance for your MRI’s. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on life. What if anytime something we can’t handle - " we give up." What will become of mankind? Corrine this is just a small hurdle. You need to jump over! Thank God your aneurysm was discovered. Unlike survivors on this site whose aneurysm was ruptured with dire consequences, me included. It’s so painful! I won’t go into details. We’re dealing with your problems now. You still have hope for a favourable outcome. There are survivors, I know who are fighting in the hospital for their lives !

Edwardo my prayers,and thoughts, are with you in the hospital, by your wife’s bedside. “Keep the Faith.” Corrine,I am praying for you start thinking of living! Michelle very inspirational words, and pat very good information. Harlylena, you are a poet, beautiful words from the heart! Corrine " you do matter!"

thank you everyone I just found out I finally been approved for my mri they also want to do one on my neck now to. hmmmm thats what ive been waiting for. thank you everyone and god bless I love the saying you gave me I think im going to copy it down and put it were I can read it on occa.

Oh that's awesome news Jeannie! Always one foot before the next...no giving up. You're a warrior.

Jeannie...so pleased for you...will you please let us know the basics in how you secured your approval...to possibly help others here some time...

Hugs and prayers for your results...


pat I just kept on harassing them and its a law that the insurance company has to deal with life threatening situations before others that are not. but determination oh and not giving up like I wanted to makes it happen I think anyways. god bless

Jeannie...thanks...we all need to learn so much more...on getting thru more ease of care..


Ah Sweetie...Feel the Hugs and Love...when life gets you down...make tomorrow a new day...~ and think of Strawberry shortcakes from Plant City Florida...~ Prayers out to you ~ Colleen

So glad to hear you got approved! It sounds like you need a health advocate - someone to help battle the insurance company and help field the myriad of phone calls that seem to go hand in hand with a health crisis. It could be a trusted family member, friend, clergy and sometimes they even have this service at the hospital. This battle is won! But know there are probably more on the road to recovery. Don't give up! Reach out. We've all been there here at BAF. Good luck and continue to recover


I start most of my issues asking God for direction to the answers I need.

Try just staying bust. Do what you can that you enjoy. Remember there is a world of people

that want you here on this earth. God Bless you Jeannie.