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I only wish I could take credit for writting this but i cant! I was writing about my portal theory the other day,which bought me back to the time I

compared the cycle of grief to surviving an aneyrysm.

Before I forgot or lost the will too write about it I thought i would put too you this theory of

mine for those of you who arent familiar to my portal theory it goes like this.

Panic (problem)






Now we also go though the cycle of grief that occurs just after we loose a loved one or

have had a tragic event happen.This is broken down in the following.

there is 5 stages too this cycle


the feeling of " no it couldnt be i was fine theres nothing wrong with me,will you all stop

over reacting about nothing" no i dont need any help and why are you upset when nothing

is wrong?".........For the loved one or carer its a difficult period,like standing on razor

blades , not knowing what too say or do,you can see things from a different perspective,


Once the reality does set in we become in shock and get angry asking questions like

"why me" , "what did I ever do" "I must of been hitler in a past life" life sucks! " "how come

ted bundy never got annies?" the questions you ask will turn you bitter,angry and quite anti

social it will also impact your loved ones seeing you like this .I know you aways hurt the

ones you love but do they deseve it?


The anger you feel seems to dissapate a bit too allow you too think of hope,that maybe its

not as bad as it seems,maybe you had over reacted abit and if your lucky there just

maybe a way out of it if you change your ways .You start to confide in your loved ones

speaking of possible ways you can work together to get yourself out of it all.But as hard as

you try you cant.


You become withdrawn,depressed,feel so sad quite often cry at the drop of a hat,your old

life expectancies have been destroyed and at times ,you live to be who you once were not

who you are now.Loved ones are best to leave you alone at this stage so you can withdraw

and find yourself,if it goes on for more than a few months then you need support and



Youve had your negative time and now you will start to think "I am a lucky person to have

survived" , the old me has gone and it had been like a life lost but I shall now step into the

shoes of the new me and live life.Having aneyrysms doesnt mean your life is over,it just

means a new one is begining.

If you are experiencing any of these signs then its "ok" ,its normal so many of us go

through it,the seriousness of it depends on the severity of the aneurysm occurance.

I shall go into my portal theory in the next writing,i think i have written enough for you too

absorb at the moment


keep on trekking

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Hi Darcy,

Did you write this? Its wonderful and sums up everything that I have been feeling so I can really identify with it . I am sure many will. You could also add panic and re-evaluation into the mix. Thanks for that Darcy. X

I so agree with this Darcy...I know I went through each stage...~ Thank you for sharing...Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

Thanks for posting this Darcy. Very true!